Bioshock – Big Daddy Take Down



Has anyone else played this piece of trash?  Everyone’s giving it 10/10 and 5 stars, and are just loving it.  i thought it was…ok

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    I only got to play it for about an hour at a friends house. The game looks freaking awesome to me. The environment and ambiance makes it a very excellent and unique experience. But I could see the engine improved.


    Gasp! are you serious? This is, to me to me anyway, the best FPS since Half-Life 2… I’m on my second play through at the moment, and I’m still having a hard time believing the detail and quality of the game… ‘specially with my HDTV and surround sound setup… but really, this is up there with your Dooms, Half-Lifes and Unreals, and it easily goes above and beyond everything the PS3 has.


    As far as PC FPS go it’s above average, but not great. I liked the underwater, art deco city and special powers but I did start to get bored towards the end. Too much repetition, not enough different bad guys and a laughably easy ending. Over rated.


    I didn’t played it, ‘cuz I’m a pussy and I hate scary games.


    Fucking easy game is fucking easy.

    Once you find out that there is no penalty or setback for dying the game loses any aspect of challenge or scariness.

    And hell, I didn’t even use half of the stuff I killed the little girls for before the end of the game.


    I played it through, rolled it over and played it through the pooper.


    i thought it was alright. but i wouldn’t buy it.


    I played it through and loved it, personally. True that the boss was really easy, though. I’d definitely rent it (beat it in 4 days), but might go short of buying it.


    My view? It’s fucking trash. The engine needs to be improved drastically, the physics of the game are completely out of whack, and(i don’t know if it was just my game) some of the powers no matter how you try to aim it if the enemy is at a certain distance it will go through them and not actually hit them. Another thing the story is half-assed and you dont receive any info on your own dude till like 20hours into the game. Basically this was a game with great potential but the makers need to get this thing out… Read more »


    How could it be bad, it was spike’s game of the year!


    OMG, this is the review i have heard with complaints about this game. I was gonna let Bill Gates rape my wallet again and buy a 360 just for this game, but maybe I will just stick to my trusty Wii.


    Everyone in the world says that it’s the spiritual successor to System Shock 2. That game was alright for what it was, but if that’s your big selling point I pass.


    It was a good game. People bitch about every fucking game now… wtf, do you want the game to give you a god damn blowjob?

    tiki god

    yes. for the love of god, YES.


    Mass Effect for the win. That is all.