Zombie Survival Kit



Rifle for long range, sword for short range, pistol for after you get bitten.

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    no the Pistol is for mid range, but you always save 1 bullet for after you get bitten, or when your hopelessly outnumbered and you don’t have enough ammo. gah, pay attention in zombie survival class.


    That rifle looks week. Use a G36.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    No. No. No. The guy who tries to plan and strategize is the one who gets eaten from behind just as he’s giving his big speech. Zombies love irony almost as much as brains.
    The key to zombie survival is style. Cricket bat is good. Shotgun and chainsaw arm is better. Strap a lawnmower to your chest is tops.


    NO! FAIL! You use a shotgun… gah, that’s the original zombie killer.


    Personally I prefer to use a lobo. (Bonus points if you get the reference).

    Just Me

    WWZ! I get bonus points! Can’t wait for the movie.


    How will they make a movie based on WWZ? Will it be a documentary like Band of Brothers?


    while assault rifles make excellent zombie repellents, ur bound to run out of ammo, n then thats when one always gets eaten…a katana would b my weapon of choice…swords dont need to be reloaded!!!!! xD


    paul_is_drunk, the Lobotomizer is great….as for the pic, I’d prefer a hand grenade for when I get bitten. It’s just better that way.


    Ugh, do I have to explain again how bad edged weapons are for zombie attacks? Unless you know it isn’t a virus/infection/whatever transmitted by blood/saliva/whatever, then you do not want to be close enough to get blood spatter on you. I do applaud the fact that blades don’t need to be reloaded, but I would prefer a second or two reload to a second or two yanking a blade out of a skull, or from halfway stuck in a chest, as that probably means you are at close range to multiple zombies. I’m not saying don’t keep a big Bowie… Read more »


    and, :
    That rifle is neither “week” nor weak. It has proven itself in combat, and by my standards, and I see no particular advantage to the G36. I am too lazy to look up what caliber round it uses, but I cannot see how it would be a more readily available type than .223/5.56mm, which is a primary concern during post-apocalypse/zombie scenarios, and it is easy to use, easy to maintain, accurate, etc.

    Again, not knocking the G36 per se, but I see no clear advantage to it over the M-16/M-4.


    The G36 and the M-16 both use the same caliber, so its in no way more “powerful”, but it may be more reliable, H&K make great firearms.


    True, they may be more reliable, but I would expect that a G36 costs noticeably more than an AR-15 variant. I never really had any problems with my M16-A2, and it was God knows how old, used by who knows how many people before I got it. Also, I wouldn’t pick a .223/5.56mm, I would go with a Rock River Arms AR-15 chambered in .308.


    Needs a tomahawk, grenade launcher and sniper rifle.