Mortal Kombat Arcade Flyer



I never got to play this at the arcade, due to there not being an arcade anywhere near me when I was of age

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    lost most of my life and parents quarters playing that damned thing


    Last arcade game I truly cared about. So many quarters wasted.


    In my country, we didn’t had arcades. When they finally opened one, the church burned it down, because we thought that devils are inside the machines.


    I would kick those kids asses…what the hell did we wear back in the early 90s?


    You didn’t miss much. The original MK, although having scanned photos for graphics, didn’t have ENOUGH photos in there to provide fluid animation. A lot of the game was based on cheap-shot moves, so a good player could prevent the other player from getting ANY moves off (especially if the other player didn’t have a teleport move).

    tl;dr : choppier than a Japanese short-order cook, too easy to spam Scorpion spears.


    your just angry because you sucked at it.


    wft? Hey man, MK had a lot of faults, but back in the early nineties there weren’t a handfull of games that were that well put-together. You’re dealing with primitive technology here.

    Peaches LaRue

    …might as well have been trying to make a good game with stone knives and bear skins!

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