Bush – Clinton – Bush – Clinton


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    I bet you that’s going to happen.



    FOR FUCKS SAKE who voted for that monkey’s ass Bush 2nd?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Depending on who gets the GOP nom., I’ll probably vote for Clinton. Because if you can’t do something, smart you should at least do something funny. And making future generations of history more confusing than necessary is funny.
    By 2016, Chelsea will be able to run and become the first foxy President.


    Okay everybody, vote for Hillary. NAO!


    Professor Cramulus

    No politician besides Grover Cleveland ever won the endorsement of the Orthodox Discordian Society, and we endorse him every four years. Cleveland is well known, highly respected, very experienced and, best of all, completely dead — a quality assuring that he will not pick Daniel Quayle for his running mate. No sex scandals will ever mar any of his campaigns. And, besides, what living person can really be trusted with the awesome powers of a nuclear-age presidency? Grover Cleveland will break no campaign promises and will never abuse his veto power. Nor will he say anything so idiotic that even… Read more »


    wait…the pattern would be bad president, good president, bad president, good president right? jk. Hillary Clinton can suck my balls but this picture sucks.


    Orthodox Discordian Society? Without bothering to even waste the effort Googling it, I’m going to assume that it’s yet another painfully-unfunny try-hard ironic Subgenious clone. Do we seriously need this many fail-at-funny fake religions, fuck’s sake? Or the smugness associated with those who think they’re pulling off some kind of impressive rhetorical gymnastics?

    Ron Paul will not tollerate unfunniness. Ron Paul will clear the crack from the ghettoes but not the LSD. Ron Paul 2008.


    fuck ron paul he will ruin our country


    I am starting to see a pattern, actually:

    The first member of the family voted into the C.I.C. position is almost always better than the second member of the family voted in, etc.

    I say “almost” because FDR’s presidency rocked Teddy’s.


    if you take the 4 years Bush I was VP + the 4 years he was Pres + Clinton’s 8 years + Bush II’s 8 years (~1/4 century) and add it to a possible 8 years of Hillary, then you get just under 1/3rd of a century of these 2 families ruling America. and that’s just un-american. besides, having a vagina makes you insane at least 12 weeks a year. if you extrapolate that to 8 years, then the world will be at the whim of a mad woman 3/13ths of the time. and that is just too fucking much… Read more »