Warhammer 40k Wallpaper


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    I love to roleplay WH40k. I am the holy inquisitor who has dedicated his life to upholding the will of the Emperor of Mankind and my girlfriend is the naughty heretic that must be purged from the Imperium lest it fall from within.


    tee hee hee…. i totally purged your heretic girlfriend last night. i did it for the honor of the imperium.


    I blessed his girlfriend in the name of the holy Emperor with my scepter of manliness, it’s small but it did bless her face good and proper.


    Yeah. Well, I had sex with all your sisters with XV8 battlesuit with sybian hardpoints.


    natedog: Continue your duty to The Emperor, brother, for it is a great joy to serve Him.

    Halfmad: To bless a heretic is to be a heretic.

    RSIxidor: Your days are numbered xenos scum.

    Now if you will excuse me my girlfriend has been praying to Slaanesh today and I must fill her with the Wrath of The Emperor as she begs in Repentance for my Daemonhammer.


    For the glory os Slaneesh, I’ve raped EVERYBODY HERE. Then your girlfriends. Then your sisters. Then your moms. Then your pops. Then you guys again.

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