Old Volkswagen ad

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In Honduras, gasoline costs 52 cents a gallon. And roads are wicked. And people aren’t rich. … A Volkswagen makes as much sense in Spanish as it does in English.

Can anyone put a date on this ad? Seems like the times haven’t changed that much.

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    I would slaughter a football field full of babies for 52 cents a gallon.


    I think in the Honduras, you can do BOTH of those things….


    I’m gonna say 60s or 70s. But if it wasn’t for the gas price, I could say Tuesday.


    That ad’s from 1970.


    in 1941, HENRY FORD built a car out of hemp, and fuel it with hemp oil. yes, the Ford Motor Company discovered a way to get off oil SEVEN DECADES AGO. owned


    Budget cutbacks and imposed military sanctions on Germany have resulted in them invading Honduras with VW’s. Not quite the same war machine as before…

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