House’s New Crew



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    Is that… Kal Penn?


    I can completely understand having House at the forefront, but why, oh WHY, shove Olivia Wilde to the far back with the ugly plastic surgeon (is that some form of oxymoron? Maybe not even oxy).


    And yes, it is Kal Penn, and I really don’t feel he fits in well with the show, but oh well.


    LOL did Omar Epps have to repeat a grade?


    I’m guessing all of these comments are coming from people who don’t watch the show, which is lovely…. Also, Phyreblade, just because your parents are letting you stay up late tonight doesn’t mean that you have to comment on every SINGLE image…


    After a little contemplation and review, I realize that my previous statement could have seemed a bit harsh. I merely try to stay on top of the comments, and when you stack up quite a sizable number, it makes it difficult for me to see them. You are of course free to do whatever you wish, but I try to avoid commenting on pictures I have no interest in, or commenting for comment’s sake. Again, apologies if I was a douche.


    Too bad the writers had to bring Foreman back.

    What for… well… maybe he’s a Cylon


    LOL Hey man, go easy on me, it’s not my fault, I gots a mild case of ocd, I have to systematically look at (and usually comment on) each and every post… I will readily admit I gots problems…

    But I’m great at organizing things… My parents tell me so all the time. And the’re prolly gonna let me stay up late the rest of the week too… Mua ha ha ha ha haa… 😛


    I have an undiagnosed case of OCD myself, so I’ll try to remember that some people don’t understand that the world revolves around me, and making things easier for me.

    Also, are you a 15 year old girl? The excessive use of LOL (and other internet acronyms) is a personal pet peeve of mine, especially spoken (there are guys where I work who SAY “pwn” out loud, and it makes me want to stab them in the eye with a fork), and I try to rationalize it’s usage.

    tiki god

    just subscribe to the comments rss feed, you’ll get each and every comment that comes through. Only about 150-200 a day right now!


    A cylon? I don’t watch Battlestar Galactica, but, do they make black cylons? I mean, that’s like starting out with a defective product (kidding…sort of…no, honestly, just joking).


    hrmmm, I might look into that.


    Hey, I just read your second comment, and I thought I’d mention in all seriousness that I wasn’t offended or anything, so no worries. I will admit I am OC about looking at every single post, but I actually do not post anything just to post, usually I post about things that I find humor (or other interests) in.

    But that being said, I understand what you are saying and apologize for flooding the board with posts today, I was backlogged since I couldn’t get to all of them yesterday because of the technical problems so, in my typical OC fashion, I went back and did them all today… Didn’t think anyone would care, and forgot that the subscription service was temporarily out of order. Sorry m8…

    If it’s any consolation, I’m done for today… 😉 I’ll try and be a little more sensitive going forward… 🙂


    No problem. You do your thing, I’ll do mine, and we’ll both deal.


    Just to respond to your last post, no. I am far from 15 and am definitely not a girl. And even though I am a gamer who uses them frequently while playing, I do not say either “LOL” or “pwn” out loud in real life.

    However I find it humorous to hear others do so, so I use them a lot here. I apologize if it ticks you off. I just find it funny to use them like that.

    The person I am here and who I am in real life are completely different things. I come here to relieve stress and goof off, and indulge in some random stupidity in the process. No offense meant to anyone.

    OK, sorry I lied before about being done for today. Now I’m really done.


    hai guyz wuts goin on thar?

    *pedo bear*



    I open this page just to read that 90% of the comments is about schulzbrianr apologizing toward Phyreblade for his psuedo-meaness and not about how much House kicks ass.


    My brother says pwn all the time. All I hear from him is “you got pwned, stupid noob”. And now I’ve started saying it. And it’s our 4 y.o. sister’s fave word evar!

    I also say evar, w00t, and other assorted internetty things I can’t think of now.

    P.S. When’d everyone on MCS become pussies?


    lol, House kicks ass! Foreman and 13, not so much.

    I loooove Kumar, but I have to agree, he’s not long for House’s world.


    Wow. i think there’s been maybe 5 related posts to this picture?


    And yours helps a ton. As far as I know, there are no forums here, so any sort of conversation has to be taken care of in the comments. Live with it.

    Also, I think that Olivia Wilde is the only one who is worthy of being on the team, and that having Foreman back will only hamper things. The plastic surgeon is a douche, and Kal Penn will only prescribe marijuana for pain relief.

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