Stargate Heroes



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    I wonder what it would be like to live life being that pretty


    I hope you mean the guy (even tho pretty isn’t the word I would use) because she may look decent for her age, whatever it is, but by no means would I call her pretty. Also, I don’t watch Stargate in any of its forms (other than the original movie) but I guarantee Ben Browder was better in Farscape (or that the show was better, not that his acting suffered because of the show).

    T G Geko

    God, they are just picking them off one by one.


    I agree. Amanda tapping isn’t high on my list of hotties. And Ben Browder definitely did better on Farscape. Actually Farscape was a much better show overall than those later eps of SG-1 w Ben Browder…

    But I would say that the early SG-1 Eps with Richard Dean Anderson were on par with Farscape…

    tiki god

    guess you guys missed all the really good pictures of her?


    Farscape was truly amazing. Stargate is more like a soap.


    she looks like a school teacher and not the hot for teacher kind, but i’d love to be tapping Tapping.

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