Johnny Depp And Tim Burton


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    So, Tiki – you filed this under “Sexy”…are you referring to Depp or Burton?


    Dude. This whole picture is sexy.


    STOP MAKING FILMS TOGETHER. has anyone noticed that every project these two work on together gets progressively worse. I couldn’t finish watching Corpse Bride as it looked so unfinished/rushed and then Burton made an abortion of Charlie and the chocolate factory…Everyone thinks Burton is a genius cause he does his one trick over and over and over, I don’t even know how you could fuck Planet of the Apes soooo bad, Marky Mark isn’t nearly man enough to take on a planet full of apes. ARRRGH

    tiki god

    seriously? you didn’t like the new wonka movie? i thought it was an interesting twist, and a little more true to the source material. I do agree with the planet of the apes thing though, I mean, seriously, why did he need to go rape that perfectly fine series to death?


    I didn’t much care for what Depp did with Wonka – it struck me as a little – OK, a LOT – too Michael Jackson. There’s a rumor floating around that there are going to be two new PeeWee Herman movies and that if Depp signs on to be PeeWee, Burton will direct. I’m not sure if I’m excited or dismayed.


    Wonka and corpse bride were pretty average and Burton found his magic ina rut for a while though I think he more than made up for it with Sweeney Todd and more recently 9 and I cannot WAIT for alice in wonderland as it will be pumped up with surrealism (though modernised) as the movie should have been from the start C=