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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Does anyone have any idea how this is supposed to fit in with the movies? Chronologically speaking.


    Supposedly after the second but before the third. The pilot was quite lame.


    Mmmmm, Summer Glau…..

    I actually didn’t think the pilot was that lame, the only thing that pissed me off was that John Connor was some emo pussy (who happens to be played by the same actor who is the emo pussy from Heroes) who is completely inept. I read that it will be pretty much ignoring the third movie, which is fine by me. I’m wondering how that will fit in with the fourth (and I think one of my idols will be in it, Christian Bale).

    tiki god

    how will it both ignore the third, but fit in with the fourth? the fourth is going to be a direct sequel to the third one with john conner leading the fit against teh robotz


    OK, I’ll reword it to be slightly clearer, that was a little vague. I wonder IF it will fit in with the fourth, or what they will use as the plot of the fourth, seeing as how it sort of left off on a bad note (nukes, etc) in the third, will they do a remake of the first, like Hollywood does with all movies (Rambo, Rocky, Escape from New York, etc) or will they go with a post-apocalyptic thing, with John Connor building and training an army, or what.


    It’s also been a while since I saw the third, and if they do go with a post-nuke world, then how will they make it different from I Am Legend (which has zombies, yeah) or any other post-apocalyptic scenario, or make me want to watch it.


    I’m not actually sure it ignores any of the movies… it all appears to have convienient excuses for everything.

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