I had sex on your bed


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    Dude, I would kill him


    It looks that Matt had sex with Eric’s pillow, it’s like the plot of a soup opera.


    I totally did this, my roommate and best friend was in Iraq, and this girl all wanted to do me, but we had our bunks stacked so we each had a desk for our computers and entertainment center, and I wasn’t about to crawl up on the top rack to get down. When he came back, he was like “My pillow smells nice” and I said “Oh snap! I totally had sex and forgot to wash your sheets, or even tell you, sorry ’bout that!” It was awesome….really.

    Gary Generic

    “this girl all wanted to do me”

    Nice try, Shultz. We know you’re a virg.


    No, actually, this was the second of possibly 3 times we did it, the first time was (obviously) my first, and I was pretty (read: REALLY) drunk (so drunk I’m surprised I got it up) and after that, I was pretty disappointed (hoping it wasn’t MY fault) so, when she wanted round two, it relieved me (hrmm, didn’t intend for it to sound like that, but I’ll roll with it) but I still wasn’t very impressed, and that’s the night she slept over in that bed, and we might have gone at it again afterwards, I can’t remember, because honestly… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca




    Disturbing picture?


    Disturbing comments.


    fair warning


    ProTip: The one place to brag about how much pussy you get with a completely straight face and unwavering conviction is anonymously on the internet.