Pennsylvania Canal Guard Lock

Guard Lock.JPG (187 KB)

The ruins of the original Raystown Dam, the Raystown Guard Lock and feeder canal remain at this location on the Juniata River just below the confluence with the Raystown Branch, two miles east of the Borough of Huntingdon.

The dam was built across the Juniata, using the island as part of it. The guard lock and feeder canal run parallel to the Juniata River. The guard lock was constructed in 1831. It is 90 feet long, eight feet high, and 15 feet wide. The feeder canal extends 0.9 miles from the end of the lock to the canal proper.

The purpose of the dam and feeder was to maintain the proper level of water in the Pennsylvania Canal, replacing water lost due to leaks and evaporation. It also permitted boats built on Standing Stone Creek to enter the canal. – Lawrence McMillen

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