II Kings 2:23-24

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Now, who thinks what evangelicals are really all that pushy?

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    42 youths? That’s as many as 4 tens plus 2.

    ….and that’s terrible.


    Why not just post the link to the Cracked.com article about all these biblical passages ya hack

    T G Geko

    That site was epic.


    Shoot. Them old school Christians had no sense of humor…
    Shoot. Too many new school Christians are just the same. Good thing they are too far gone to summon bears and stuff any more… 😛

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Point of order, Phyreblade: Elisha was not a Christian since he lived, you know, before Christ. It’s those Hebrews you’ve got to worry about.


    Hmm… Good point. I stand corrected…
    Way to ruin my Christian Zealot bashing fun facts… 🙁

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