Corner Shot

Future_Weapon_Corner_Shot_40mm.jpg (49 KB)

For shooting around corners. Used by Angelina Jolie’s character in the upcoming movie ‘Wanted”.

I probably should have just posted a pic of Angelina Jolie shouldn’t I…

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    Corner shooting gun= hot
    Angelina Jolie= sexy

    Angelina Jolie with a corner shooting gun= hot sexy win


    i think i saw this gun on one of the CSI episode, it says that this gun was originated from Israel/Middle East area… perfect for Urban Warfare. Now that’s the word of teh day.


    Tested on Future Weapons on Discovery. Can mount an assault rifle, shotgun or grenade launcher if I remember correctly.


    biggest stand off in history two people in a hall way shooting at each others guns and watching each other on the screen. not leaving their hiding spots


    @ asdf : Yea, till one hits the others gun. Bang, bang.

    General X

    Yes, you should have, damn it.


    This was featured on CSI: Miami a few months ago.

    T G Geko

    This maybe useful in certain situations but very un-versitile. What happens when you don’t have any cover?


    @T G Geko
    I’m guessing you would probably… shoot it straight?


    And what if you want to shoot right?



    You would turn it upside down.


    Israel develops gun that shoots around corners The Jerusalem Post ( reports that Israel has developed a gun that can shoot around corners: Shown to the public for the first time Monday, the “Corner Shot” is actually an apparatus containing a small, high-resolution camera that attaches to handguns. It allows the operator to stick the pistol around a corner without exposing themselves, aim and fire. […] The apparatus can house a variety of pistols, including GLOCK, SIG SAUER, CZ and BERETTA handguns. It can also be adapted to fit an M-16 rifle or tear gas launcher. The device swivels 63… Read more »


    The part where you mount the gun rotates so you can shoot left, right, or straight.
    And T G Geko, if there’s no cover anywhere around, you probably have bigger problems. Like being dead.