Assassins Creed – Altair’s Retractable Blade

Assassins Creed Concept Art 0.jpg (221 KB)

Cool. Impractical, and unnecessarily complicated, but cool.

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    stick them with the pointy end!!!

    Hoban Washburne

    So he is missing a finger. Very cool.


    the retractable blade is cool. but for my money the short sword is the best weapon in the game. the kills you get with counterattacks are just sick. the one where you stab the guy in the foot then slice his neck open is my fav.


    My favorite is the combo where you punch them in the head, then slam the knife through the top of their skull like a hammer. Wicked.


    my favorite weapon is the sword. its the easiest to get the counter kills and combo ones 😀 my fav is when he breaks their arm, goes under it, then slashes their back XD


    the flying jump knife to the face is just fun to do when u parkour up the side of building across roof and then into unsuspecting gaurd.

    gaurd- ooo look shiny om nom nom nom
    altair- mstab face
    gaurd- o noes *bleed*

    come on tho u gotta admit the ai was abit silly,rest o the game is just sexy but i jsut felt they could have done more. anyone agree or am i just a critical fuck?