World War Z


So I just finished one of the most awesome books ever, anyone suggest another like it?

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    The Zombie Survival Guide. it’s not so much narritive but it’s interesting.


    I read this one last year.

    Good book.

    Don’t know of another book written in the same style.


    ack – The Good War! Damned kids today. It’s not like it’s an obscure book, it pretty much defined a form of non-fiction. Max Brooks was intentionally adopting Studs Terkel’s narrative style of this specific book to lend realism to an impossible scenario. It could almost be considered a parody of The Good War. He used the same trick with the Zombie Survival Guide, which was presented in such a deadpan manner that it actually got me to consider the defensibility of my house against the undead. Pretty neat. But seriously, dude, read a book. Something without unicorns or spaceships… Read more »


    i almost posted this, lol. written by the same guy as zombie survival. his name is max brooks. you know mel brooks son. anyways theres a great book called monster island. its a about a un guy that has to get aids medicine to some one in africa and ends up in new york. the world is plauged with zombies. its a great book. heres the website.


    Sorry man, I do not read non-fiction.

    Reality is too depressing.




    The Bible.

    tiki god

    I’ve read that, and the two sequels as well, the first story was the strongest imho.

    I read like 8 books a month, and I have a subscription to booksfree, so there’s plenty of reading being done… unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have “The Good War” in their library 🙁


    , Alkaios

    The book has a happy ending.

    **Spoiler alert!**

    We win. Read the book.

    That’s sort of sad. They’d probably have it if it was made into a movie. I’ll bet they have ‘The Right Stuff’

    BTW, Brad Pitt bought the rights to WWZ. Apparently it’s in ‘Pre-production’ whatever that means.