The Joker


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    Its Pete Doherty!!!!

    nes pas?


    Again, I love how they did the joker. Psycho in clown makeup, how he should be.


    And yet he doesn’t look crazy ENOUGH :\

    Jack Nicholson at least pulls off the “I’M OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND” look really well.

    then again, he looks that way in every movie he’s in, so..


    Yeah, I think Jack Nicholson has a distinct advantage in the “I’m batty/insane” department. He’s actually one of my all time favorite Jokers. He’ll be a hard one to top.

    Billy Manic

    Wait, are you suggesting that Heath Ledger does not look insane here?


    No, not at all. Heath Ledger does indeed look insane… But it’s just not the same kind of insane. Heath Ledger has the “I look Insane.” look.

    Jack Nicholson has the “I am insane. You have no clue just how freakin’ insane I actually am. I am a puppy dog today, but will probably disembowel you tomorrow, you never know…” look.

    It’s a totally other level of insane… 😛

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    No Ledger is much more insane in this. Worlds ahead.

    The prologue footage sealed it.

    Jack Nicholson will be remembered as at best the 2nd best Joker.


    Well I haven’t seen it so it’s entirely possible… I’ll reserve judgment ’til afterwards…


    yeah he looks insane…………. insanely GAY! hehe (brokeback mountain reference) if im wrong then oh well the movie was gay anyway…………. seriously

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The new trailer shows it off even more.

    Jack Nicholson just can’t compete with this. Not saying either are better actors but in terms of the part this one is beyond.


    If this guy is the better Joker, then maybe people will finally fucking forget about the crappiest Batman movie, ever, of which Jack Nicholson was the only saving grace.

    Seriously, Batmat Returns was about a million times better. What the fuck is wrong with people?


    ima puttin new batman stuff up now
    atleast i mean im submitting it and hopefully tiki wont steal it
    ive heard that he does that every now and then, but i trust him


    Jack’s portrayal of the Joker was very good, but he’s played a lot of similar characters. When I watch Batman 89, I see Jack Nicholson, not as much the Joker. When I watch this new movie, I will barely recognize Ledger, and that will really make a huge impact on how successful his portrayal is received. I think that people have an image of the Joker based on Nicholson, because he was their intro to the character… but there have been a lot of great Jokers nothing like Jack, and that is what make Batman and the Joker so great:… Read more »



    tiki god

    wtf? I’ve never ‘stolen’ an image ya dope


    oh sorry dude I didnt mark to point fingers and piss ya off. Just that theres been dudes who say that otherpeople post their stuff. And I saw your name onder one of the pics a whole ago. My bad tiki! Sorry…..:-/

    tiki god

    hah. the only ‘stolen’ images are ones that get posted first by someone else…put in the queue, and then someone comes in behind them and tries to submit the same thing, and they get declined. Soon, very soon, I’ll have a reason with the declines too


    I just saw the new trailer for this. What was really interesting was that this joker seemed to sound just like Jack’s joker… dunno whether it is a subconscious thing or what…


    Rest In Peace, Heath. You will be missed!!