New Moral Order World Map


Super huge image, please be careful when clicking.  You might loose and eye!

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    For some reason, all I can think is RISK!


    What is this. Some Worst-case Scenario of the american Secret Service or what? The date sais 1942. The war wasn’t over and its titled POST-WAR.
    What’s going on?


    I guess that explains why Cuba’s under US control


    And with this map, things worked out happily ever after.


    There were some people in the US Government that saw WW2 as an opportunity to grab up land after the war was over. They made the argument that since most of the world’s super-powers would be left devastated byt the war, that we could easily scope up a ton of countries and no one would be able to stand up to us. We did do it to a point, hence gaum, america somoa and a few other islands in the pacific. But not on the scale that many had planned.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You have to admit, it would certainly cut back on illegal immigration if we just annexed (the rest of) Mexico.


    Some sort of worst case scenario map. In 1942 the Soviet-German war had just started. Just last week I read an intertesting article about how the russians were preparing their whole military power for total takeover of Europe in 1941. They allegedly has about 5 million men on the border ready to march over Europe (the countries of which were fighting with each other) and several million more preparing for the invasion. The problem? Hitler attacked Russia two weeks before the plannet soviet attack, caught the huge army totally unprepared for defensive warfare and was thus able to demolish the… Read more »


    But you don’t find that in official history books. It would be way too embarassing for Russia, which has always claimed to be a “peace loving country” that would not initiate an offense.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The more I look at it, the more weird and fascinating this map is. The naivety is overwhelming, how could anyone think for a moment that this plan would work?
    South America won’t mind if we just take charge and all of those countries in Africa will get along just swell. The Chinese are doing such a good job running their own country, we’ll let ’em run most of Asia! India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, what’s the difference? But the Irish and Jews get their own countries, because they don’t get along with anyone.


    I particularly like Policy #4.


    Policy 26: Hebrewland



    I liked this part :
    “This is no vision of a distant millenium. It is a definite basis for a kind of world attainable in our own time and generation. That kind of world is the very antithesis of the so-called “new order” of tyranny which the dictators seek to create with the crash of a bomb.”

    and then 3 years later…

    ahahah. best picture on here for a while imo.


    The United States of South America??? The United States of Europe? The Union of African Republics? Arabian Federated Republics? Um, this map looks more like an Orwellian vision than a vision for peace. I mean, it sucks that right now, Africa is open to exploitation from capitalist forces in the West, but the reason that Africans are vulnerable to exploitation is not geopolitical in origin, its because masses of them lack education or any really fundamental desire for something better (because they’ve become broken of spirit). Drawing some lines on a map isn’t going to do anything to bring peace.… Read more »


    stalwart Lines on a map do bring peace.

    British Empire anyone?


    For who ever posted the ridiculous comment about Russians wanting to start WW2 I challenge you to find a credible source, because none exist. If you knew anything about history you would know that by this time in history Stalin had no plans to invade Europe at all, he did want to expand the influence of the Soviet Union and but he intentionally decided NOT to deploy the military in the 40’s. Why? Because he had a treaty with Hitler, the entire standing army of the USSR was wiped out within the first few months of the war, and it… Read more »


    YEAH! Stop beeing mean to Stalin!


    They didn’t need to be ready for war. They got most of eastern Europe in their pocket without firing a shot. Finland was the only state that didn’t want to sign these contracts.
    In 1940, they even agreed to send millions of tons of crops, oil and ore to Germany. Even the day before the german attack, trains were rolling west. Stalin was uneasy about Hitler – and rightly so, as we can see.


    I correct: Most eastern european states were in the axis from 1940/41 on.


    It doesnt matter. This reality would have been the best outcome for America. I mean, we want to control the world, and this map gives us a damn good share of it.


    it looks like a hoax:

    these guys think it might have been nazi propaganda.

    A more intresting map, one that is lost to history was the one that hitler sent to stalin. Only parts remain. It divided the whole world up between germany and the USSR.