Dirty Liberal Gun Laws


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    Well, the law denies me the right to retire until I’m 65 so you better stfu biatch.


    There are other ways to protect yourself, you dumb bitch.


    That law is probably the only thing keeping you from blowing your emo fucking brains out, you fuck-tard. Why don’t you go kill yourself like a real person?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Point of order: Liberal comes from the Latin word for freedom. It does not mean “progressive”, it does not mean “socialist”. Jefferson was a liberal; Hillary Clinton is not.
    A law that restricts or reduces freedom is not a liberal law. Please quit abusing language.
    That is all.

    A Gypsy Witch

    Ha ha well in Vegas anyway theres a big loophole in this law… you can legally own a handgun at 18-20 as long as you go down to metro and have a private seller switch the registration to your name


    You also cant drink alcohol.


    Sure she can, and probably has…oh legally…..oooops lol


    @ twotone

    Wow, you’ve got some anger issues. Are you sure you’re not projecting your own issues? It’s only a picture, man.

    Luke Magnifico

    What is she protecting herself from? Rapist + defenseless girl = rape. Rape + girl with gun she doesn’t know how to use = Rape + killing with death.

    See that logic! It is infallible!


    LOL… I suppose it’s easy to get carried away sometimes. Or maybe I have a little pent up aggression. Maybe it’s time to cut this deployment short and go home and finally get some ass….

    mmmmmm… Ass……

    Carbon Copy

    @ reboot: That’s a bit of a presumtuous statment. ‘Freedom’ can have countless different implications; the freedom you are referring to, the individual freedom of owning a gun, could easily be counterpointed by reference to the collective freedom implicit in gun regulation, i.e. the freedom for members of society not to get shot by some nutcase 18 y/o bitch manifesting her penis envy in purchasing firearms. Socialist laws could easily use freedom as a justification for their introduction and often do. The term ‘liberal’ doesn’t really have any implicit meaning in this respect; in the US it simply labels the… Read more »


    Goodness, it’s hard to tell from the picture, but perhaps the poor girl has no legs, and therefore can’t protect herself by running away. Or maybe she’s mute and can’t scream for help? Or perhaps she has a learning disorder that prevents her from retaining the idea that maybe she shouldn’t be out alone at night in dark alleys where her ONLY possible protection is a handgun? We definitely need to arm her! Or at least get her to join the army – they’ll give her training and a weapon. Or teach her to fight. Or maybe even teach her… Read more »


    psh! On the UK the gun laws are such that you cant own one. Any age – except registered clubs and farmers. As a result, we dont get as many people with their heads blown off, or school kids shooting shit up.

    Right to bear arms? Fuck that, what about the right to arm bears?


    Hey Booboo bear, put that rifle down, I’ll share the pikinic baskit…I swears !


    Perhaps, but if she joins the Army then we won’t have to worry about her getting raped. You can’t rape the willing….. The Army has that effect on girls….

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Carbon Copy,
    Thank for updating me on the modern use of the word liberal. I just got here in Ben Franklin’s time machine didn’t realize that anyone would have the audacity to lie about supporting freedom in order to gain political support.
    And to think that the American people would become so accustomed to such nonsense that they would forget the very meaning of the word!
    Please tell me more about these “Nazis”. Are they associated with the Torries that plague our dear Republic?


    Of course! Giving a person a handgun will ensure the death of someone. Lets not assume that a more effective gun control could be education.. Lets not give people the responsibility to handle a weapon at all. We know better for them and we will tell them what they can and cannot do. Forego all options of parental responsibility, firearm training and education, and lets just not allow people to utilize their constitutional rights. After all, the forefathers didnt know any better! The one thing that confuses me.. since when does a chick walking around by herself at night constitute… Read more »


    “gun control in UK.. government oppression at its best.”

    Actually in the UK it’s a sane approach that has worked for them for many more years than the USA has existed. Their Camera and drone systems now, that’s another issue.
    But let’s not and get into this too much, someone will post stats on gun shot wounds, deaths and murders USA vs England and you don;t need a crystal ball (or google) to guess who wins that one…..


    the problem’s just that the ages for some rights differ. – so, what’s the big deal, let them carry a gun with 18, then.. the pivotal question is not really WHEN somebody gets to buy a gun, it’s under what circumstances one can do so. age is a rather unqualified criterion to determine one’s trustworthiness to not misuse a firearm. for example, imho, somebody applying for a firearm should really have a good reason why he needs one. and i don’t consider protection as sufficent here unless you are exposed to particular dangers. btw, i’m from switzerland and here every… Read more »


    @Luke Magnifico: That’s stupid, don’t be stupid. I know 10 year olds that can shoot better than some military cats I know. How can you say she doesn’t know how to shoot, just because she’s 18? Then you shouldn’t get to be in the military until you’re 21… @eric: Way to blame the victim, wtf is wrong with you. @Carbon copy: Manifesting her penis envy? Man, I guess I thought it was 2007 and that women had rights and weren’t property anymore, shit. Well, I guess all women want penises, and all women that have guns super-duper want penises. Grow… Read more »


    @merthsoft: Um – what victim? *I* was suggesting in a sarcastic way, alternatives for the young woman to protect herself other than the need to carry a handgun. In fact – any decent self-defense course is going to tell you that fleeing your attacker is the best course of action, if at all possible. Please explain to me in what way the young lady in the photograph has been victimized, except that she has been denied the use of lethal force to protect herself from perceived threats. Unless, of course, she has a knife, a pointed stick, or a basic… Read more »


    Depending on the state, she may be eligible to purchase a rifle or shotgun. Check out gunlaws.com for your state. Here in Virginia the 21-yr restriction is only for handguns. As for shooting better than the military, I find it completely credible. After my US Army basic training (1992), I was allowed to shoot 46 rounds per year for the remaining of my enlistment (until 1997): 3 to check zero 3 to verify zero (they frowned on this, it meant you did not zero it right the previous year) 40 rounds for record. Sometimes the officers had too much 9mm… Read more »


    First off, in most US states that I know of, you CAN buy a long gun (rifle, shotgun) at 18 (I did, didn’t even take 5 minutes for a phone call from the place to the police station for a records check for a history of violent crime) and only pistols at age 21. That being due to the ease with which they can be concealed. Secondly, who is to say that she HAS been victimized already? Perhaps she wants to PREVENT it from EVER happening? And, from doing a simple Google search, you can see that there is far… Read more »


    i have this and this alone to say.

    Molon Labe.


    I love how “get knocked up” is turned into “raise a family”
    Of course, where is the outrage over 18 year olds being old enough to carry a gun and get shot at in service o our country but they cant order a Bud Lite.
    (not that I think anyone should order that! but it’s as close to water as ber gets)


    Yeah, I think “raising a family” is stretching the responsibilities of an 18 year old a tad. Also, I like how her index finger is straight and off the trigger.

    (on another note, what is that gun, a Soviet Tokarev? COMMIE!!!!)

    Carbon Copy

    While your use of sarcasm is just spot on, i noticed that you didn’t actually have any retort to my comments that didnt involve repeating what I said. Might that be because you have no argument?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Carbon Copy
    I have further arguments, I’m just not going to bother posting any. Your comment was so long, incoherent and vacuous that I don’t think anyone else read it. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve already won any debate you thought was taking place.
    And I not going to make any serious intellectual response to someone that tosses in bits of irrelevant misogyny.


    you are all taking the super-political point of view. which isn’t bad. We should be thinking about our governments. But honestly, why should she NEED to protect herself? She’s not very attractive lol. But seriously,…


    @ schulzbrianr

    I’m uncertain if you’re aware or not (you probably are) but the finger off the trigger is the proper and safe way of handling any firearm unless you are actively preparing to discharge it (just in case anyone else wasn’t aware of that). It shows the girl has had some proper handgun training. GOOD FOR HER!

    Luke Magnifico

    No it doesn’t. It means someone on the team for this ad campaign knew one of the most basic things about gun sfaety.


    Yes, I’m well aware of that, and was calling attention to it.

    The four safety (or sfaety :P) rules are:
    1) Treat every weapon as if it were loaded
    2) Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot
    3) Keep the weapon on safe until you are ready to fire
    4) Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you intend to fire

    Also, thanks for not assuming I’m an idiot 😛

    I also like her Wonder Woman bullet-deflecting wristguard thing.


    eric: You exactly make it sound like it’s the fault of the weak, stupid woman when she gets raped, or mugged, or whatever. I’m not advocating shooting every fucker that winks at you, but if some 300 pound man is on top of you, sometimes it’s hard to run away, and if your strategies always work, then why do women still get raped? According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network), yes, rape is falling, but “in 2004-2005, there were an average annual 200,780 victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault.” So tell me, eric, is everyone one… Read more »


    The sad truth is that a gun will not be helpfull to a girl who already has a man on top of her. Chances are that by the time she has the presence of mind to pull the gun out it will already be too late because the attacker will have already made his move and will already be in the process of securing both her hands together with one of his. It’s not like it’s a turn based roleplaying game. So, unless she walks around with the gun in her hand (which is illegal, regardless of age) the rapist… Read more »


    Doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be allowed to have one, besides, there are scenarios where she could get it in time, just like with mace.


    Good thing the media doesn’t report rape by homosexuals…lest the indoctrinated attempt individual unapproved thought. Might hear a bit less about how she bears responsibility for getting raped if the ‘thoughts’ fit on a bumper sticker crowd could …if only very briefly ..empathize with someone other than the centres of their own respective universes. Switzerland is armed to the teeth – with assault weapons. They have zero gun crime. So maybe it’s not the guns then?

    ??????? ??????

    It’s not that dangerous yet to vote or raise a family without a gun, and kids often have to learn how to live without these means of protection and when it is impossible, they find ways to get them no matter what. Also, I’m an ex-hunter and I had one more safety rule: (even unloaded) gun line should never cross people or their possible location (bushes or whatever to the skyline/bullet flight).