USB Toaster

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    I read about these. They’re gag gift boxes used to disguise things. Or just watch people awkwardly try to thank you.


    Gag box huh? Makes sense, since the 30 minutes/4 slices of toast statement was rather boastful.


    From the Onion Store, They’ve got a few more boxes which I plan to buy this Christmas.


    Boastful? As in, impressive? It takes like 2 minutes to make a single piece of toast. 2×4=8? 8<30


    “Oh ho! Look at me. I’m schulzbrianr and I’m so important with my magical toaster that can toast bread at lightning fast speeds.”


    Yeah, that, or I’ve used a toaster in the past 20 years. Which is about how old the toaster we have is. So it’s probably toasting with cancer, but whatever. Haven’t you ever heard the Brian Regan “Pop Tart Directions” skit?


    No, I haven’t. Was he being facetious too?


    man for a second when i first saw this i was like “DO WANT” but that was quickly shattered when you guys said it was a fake box. now im just a sad panda.


    Who lives in the east ‘neath the willow tree
    Sexual Harassment Panda!
    Who explains sexual harassment to you and me
    Sexual Harassment Panda!
    Don’t say that don’t touch there
    Don’t be nasty says the silly bear
    He’s come to tell you what’s right and wrong
    Sexual Harassment Panda!


    And I really do want one.


    You want a sexual harassment panda? Why?