Donald Trump’s Tip


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    Billy Manic

    Find a job at a restaurant he regularly goes to and you’re set.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    It looks like a good tip… until the credit card is rejected.


    When I was in High School back in the 80’s. I had read a story about the Don’s generosity. His car had broken down in a storm and a good samaritan had stop and helped him(dont remember the full details)with a ride or fixing his car. A few weeks later the man recieved a Thank You letter and the Deed to his home. DT paid off the guys house!!


    $5 for an iced tea? That’s fucking ridiculous.


    Daaaaaaaang… Your fired.


    *You’re* fired… LOL 😛


    Heh, funny story, i THINK it was trump, but a snooty matre de wouldn’t bothere seating him for some reason (It was possible to do so, they just didn’t go to the effort) so he went to the place down the road, they made sure he got a seat and all and he gave them a check for like 10G (might be this one, not entirely sure) and told the waiter to go to the first restaurant and show them just to rub it in 😀

    friggin legend!!!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    wally & naked, those are both urban legends. As Anonymouse pointed out, this receipt is fake, too.
    Trump is so full of shit, it’s amazing. For example, he claimed that he bought 40 Wall Street for $1 million and its now worth $600 million. Truth is, he bought it for $8 million and tried to sell for $300 million, but had no takers.


    i read on several websites that he wasnt even california, where the restraunt is, so this story isnt true. it was a publicity stunt for the place.


    “The biggest online media hoax ever”


    Isn’t that site that starts urban legends so you surf their site to see if it’s true or not?

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