laura vandervoort is supergirl




Butter face?

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    A darn fine looking girl she is too… just Super… 8)


    yes sir!! Sign me up for that!!


    Butter face is still pretty hot…

    Gary Generic

    I withhold judgment on butter-faces until the morning after.


    Being a married man girls cannot be either hot or not hot. An affair with a hottie has to be worth the unavoidable result, that being death of either myself or my wife. No way one of us is going to survive the divorce….

    Oh yeah, non-blondes get an automatic two point deduction…..

    this girl is HOTT!


    She needs to be in heels. I hate a girl is stupid boots.


    Yeah…i hate girls in boots…tops…pants…underwear… damn it, they don’t have to wear items of clothing do they?!

    Unless they ugly…then they must wear as much as possible covering themselves…i’m just shallow like that 😀


    A poncho would suffice Wally.

    I also agree on stupid boots, god damn I hate current fashion trends!


    what keeps her top on when she’s flying ?


    Hot yes..
    Desirable, sure…for a night.
    But most Wh**es are..
    Is this “Super Britney Spears” image really what we want to project to our kids ?!
    Is this what you want your daughter to look up to ? another stripper ?!

    Yeah, I just had to spoil the fun…


    – Her top doesn’t stay on when she’s flying!

    I just love sexy SuperGirl!


    And Laura Vandervoort is just super… OK that was sad. The wet trout flogging may commence. And she can have the first go. BOOYAH!!!

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