Jesus Vs Darwin


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    Alec Dalek

    Wow, Jesus fights dirty.


    yeah, and look how norse he looks. this jesus even has red hair. i’m surprised the christians haven’t decided the holy land is somewhere in norway by now, since jesus is always depicted as too pale for judea.


    Jesus looks like he’s fighting a Leperchaun…


    wow. the way it says, Jesus and Darwin are fighting again, makes me think of them as two roommates who got really drunk one night, (they both look irish) and just started randomly beating the crap out of each other based on conflicting historical beliefs and immense sexual tension. i think that would make a great sitcom.

    Jesus and Darwin are at it again…


    More questions arise as I look at this picture…

    Anyone else notice Jesus’s uneerie resemblence to Chuck Norris?

    And Shouldn’t it be God and Darwin duking it out? It wasn’t Jesus who created man and animals…

    And the fact Jesus is much lighter and less yellow than Darwin concerns me…


    actually, no means to be a religious tard, but if you look around in the gospel of John, he paints a picture that Jesus wasn’t some guy that God threw in to fix the world, but was with God from the beginning, anad through the love of Christ created all things, and the main Christian thought is that Jesus is God. so, really, this depiction is Okay. that is of course, if you are a Christian, and if you label yourself as such, you will probably think that this picture is Satan incarnate, think this site if from Satan, and… Read more »


    I have to agree, jesus was middle-eastern you fucking dumb ass christians. He definitely looked more like a taliban member than a scottish highlander.


    What? And have Jesus be of an ethnicity different from them?

    I think Christians have the capacity to delude themselves into believing something that defies most logic pretty well, as long at it fits into their “we’re the best” fantasy world, don’t you agree?


    Or it could be that he was Jewish? Anyone think of that? How many dark skinned jews do you know?


    If I may retort with a question. Have you ever seen a non-american jewish person, specifically from the middle-east? because last i checked they weren’t dark but sure as hell weren’t white.


    Jesus was black!



    They’re both fighting dirty. Look at Darwin. He’s setting up an mean eye gouge…


    God couldn’t fight Darwin in this picture for two reasons:

    1) God cannot be seen by mortal eyes, and thus wouldn’t show up in the picture. Would be funny to see Darwin struggling with thin air, though.

    2) God would totally kick Darwin’s fucking ass. Too bad he doesn’t exist.

    JESUS vs. Darwin, however, that’s a throw-down for the ages! I’d put $50 on Darwin, just because he hunted at a young age and black Jesus was a pacifist (but what of Norris Jesus?).


    Who’s gonna win?
    The dude who discovered the principles of survival or the guy who got himself nailed to a plank?


    Ah, but He let himself get nailed to the plank. If he hadn’t wanted to, he coulda opened up a can o whoop ass on them dumb ass Roman centurions…
    😛 My money’s on Norris Jesus…


    At least Jesus didn’t marry and have kids with his first cousin.