Teenagers – Tired of being harassed by your stupid parents?



Move out…

Get a job…

pay your own bills.

Do it while you still know everything

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    I moved out at seventeen after graduating early and saving every penny I earned from working at a grocery store since 14.

    My life has been better ever since, and the freedom I’ve had has been the most liberating experience in my life.

    People who still live with their parents really have no idea the real world is like and have no platform to speak on.

    I mean you’re basically a new and improved version of your parents and they know it, and they hate you for it.

    They are conspiring against you.


    Careful, Tiki.

    You don’t want to offend all of the little brats who lurk on this site 🙂

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    agree with Gaexion. Moved out when I was sixteen, never regretted it.


    I still live at home (I’m only 20 though)

    I guess this is just a difference in parenting. I’ve been able to do what ever I’ve felt like since I was 16. The only thing I ever got in trouble for was forgetting to call and tell my parents where I was, and the only thing that came of that was them saying they were worried and to remember to call next time.
    So I guess moving out for me isn’t a big deal cause I’m free anyway, and this way I don’t have to pay bills 😀


    I’m 23 and just moved back home, to help make it easier to go to school. Low rent, bus route right down the street goes to the school. Perfect.


    Gaexion, that may be true for the majority of parents, but not for my dad. It’s just him and I, and he takes great care of me. He’s a great guy. If I moved out, or was forced to move out, I would probably be doing drugs, and I know for sure I wouldn’t have the home security for my belongings like I do here, not to mention half the materialistic items. Sure it would teach me the meaning of working and all that, but if people had a choice, they would choose my route. BTW, I was a pretty… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    Get a job? Check.

    Pay my own bills? Semi-check.

    Move out? Fucking hell no. Rent in America must be frickin’ tiny. The only place I could afford a months rent on as it is with all my savings would be maybe 30-40 miles from where all my friends and family are. Irish house prices are fucking incredible. My house was bought for 250 grand, it’s valued at 1.4 million now.


    It depends on what you’re looking for, and where. There are some decent places (apartments for like 800 or so in/near large cities) that I’ve found online for Chicago and DC, but it is pretty ridiculous how much it costs for a reasonable place. My small condo in Hawaii was by no means luxurious, and it cost me $1600 a month.


    ROFL!! Wow. This poster… I love it…

    I kinda didn’t have much choice. I was in boarding schools most of my youth (that were run like military boot camps), and I went to an “out-of-country” college LOL, so I never really thought about it.

    In retrospect, I’m glad I had that experience… Wish more kids did… I think I’m gonna start sticking these posters up…


    See, that’s the problem with american kids.
    They’re so eager to moove out from their parents house, they do anything just to alienate themselwes from they’re parents. I’m 20, I live with my mom, I work since 6 monts, and not to move out, jsut to help her with the rent and eith the school. I love my mom, she love sme too, so why should I leave her? So I can bring up girls to my flat to fuck them? I can easly do that.


    LukeV1-5 where abouts in ireland you from?


    House prices in USA are pretty damn high too.


    I’m 23 and still live at home, but that’s because I’m playing housewife. My dad moved to New Zealand when I was 18, my mom had another kid when I was 19, and my very driven younger sister went away to college when I was 22. So I’ve stayed behind to help with the bills, care for the little one, cook, clean, etc. I have a job when I can find one, but due to my lack of work history given my age, and no higher education I seem pretty damn close to unemployable. Rent where I live is $1000… Read more »


    I moved out when I was 15, I had an abusive step father. I moved out to a house with some of my punk mates, it was 2 houses away from a factory that made ply wood. On Thursdays the smell of the glue they use to make ply wood would make the house uninhabitable also it would provide a free high for my deadbeat house mates. The whole house was only $90 a week as it was in a “ghetto”…It was a hell of a lot of fun even though it was a struggle to get by,I would recommend… Read more »


    As much fun as ghetto, uninhabitable, $90 a month housing sounds, I think I will stick with 4 bedroom, 3 car, 2 high end computer, pure bred dog, nice neighborhood living with daddy.


    I’m sure you will… LOL

    Luke Magnifico

    Tunafish: Dublin. Prices are veeeery slowly decreasing, but I still can’t afford anything with both a working roof and a door.


    I moved out when I was 17 after I graduated High School. Got a job as a waitress, went to college for 2 years. Now, I am a RN and last year I made $74,000.00, I live in a 2 bedroom townhome, drive a sebring convertible. You just have to want to do something with your life and not sit on your butt waiting for your parents to do it for you.


    Oh, btw, I paid for my own college with grants, student loans, borrowed books, used books, and ate a lot of pb & J.


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    You know what’s funny about this picture? They are all good white kids. They dress nice and probably don’t do drugs.