World Cannabis Laws

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    There are a lot more places in the US where cannabis is “Decriminalized” or “Illegal, but often unenforced”. For instance, the Seattle City Council passed a resolution that marijuana laws should be law enforcement’s lowest priority. In August, there is Hemp Festival where thousands of people are openly distributing and smoking.

    tiki god

    Federal laws current trump all state and local laws, thus it is 100% illegal to own, use, or sell cannabis in the US. We’ll need to see how the supreme court cases work out the problems.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It’s not decriminalized in Ontario either. It was…for a couple months.

    I know people who’ve been nailed for it.

    Bottom line is there is more money to be made in over taxing people to justify the war on drugs than taxing weed could ever produce.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @tiki god In theory, you are correct. In practice, both penalty and enforcement vary greatly from state to state. For instance, in CA and NV, possession of less the 28 grams is not an arrestable offense. I said, Hemp Festival is openly advertised and they’re literally throwing joints into a crowd. Local and state law enforcement and judges have A LOT of influence on how those laws are enforced. If the police don’t investigate marijuana cases and the DA office doesn’t prosecute cases and the judges hand out slap-on-wrist punishments, then weed is effectively legal. DEA has its hands too… Read more »


    Weed hasn’t been decriminalized in most of Australia. I believe that in Canberra [our nations capitol] you may own up to 2 plants, and an ounce of dried weed but Canberra is the most boring place in Australia so I guess they gotta keep the kids busy somehow. Weed has been hard to get here as we are in the grips of drought and water restrictions apply. They monitor our water usage and can see when a large spike in water/power use happens, bing bam boom another hydroponic setup busted.


    LOL Africa Rules…
    All I know is, don’t get between me and my weed, or, or, or, I’ll trip and fall dawn. Dangerously close to you…


    Just a heads up on the laws for the ACT. An ounce is will over a simple offence, as is 2 plants.

    Taken from

    Australian Capital
    Drugs of Dependence Act

    Possession, self-administration, cultivation:
    simple offences providing defined small
    quantities involved, and expiable at the
    discretion of the apprehending police officer.

    Penalty of $100 for each simple offence under either the
    Simple Cannabis Offence Notice (SCON) scheme or courts


    so if your arrested for possession of drugs, wouldn’t you be considered a P.O.W. ? Ronald Reagan declared a war on drugs.

    I never understood this, some drugs are illegal, some are not. Somebody can drink a beer and be fine, or drink a keg and get drunk and maybe do something dangerous, same somebody can smoke a joint and be fine, or wake n’ bake and … eat cheetos.

    Carbon Copy

    I question the accuracy of this map. My part of the world, New Zealand, is generally a lot softer on marijuana convictions than our Australian neigbours, yet the map indicates the opposite. And as for spain being ‘legal or essentially legal’, apart from that the distincion between the two postions is far less than arbitrary, the Spaniards would definitely fall on the less lenient side of the fence. The only explicitly legal state is the Netherlands and even there, only minor posession, ie. not stockpiliing or cultivation, is legal, in other parts the law is very ambiguous. The US’s depicted… Read more »


    Another thing to note, ‘decriminalized’ doesn’t mean it’s legal. Here in Colorado, possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized, but you can still be fined for it.


    Here, in Spain, Cannabis is illegal. Map is wrong.
    Private consumption is legal but in public (street…) is illegal and the sale is prohibited.

    Alec Dalek

    You’re in Ontario too mAgnUS? So it’s true, we internet tough guys all come from here.

    And you’re right, it was only for a couple months and only for less than 30 grams if I remember correctly.

    But this is Ontario. The cops mainly go after gangs and grow ops, because they’re a public nuisance (like me). If you’ve got a handful of joints or 3 plants in a closet, you’ll just get a lecture.

    pro hitter

    that is so not true,i have a friend who went to jail for three months for half a joint.

    but it would be so awesome if they completely leagalized it, i live in this part of canada where maybe over 75% ppl smoke it.
    on a good day a dealer can make $5ooo in just half a day, and theres lots of dealers.