Creationist Ear Plugs


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    Lol, win.


    This would apply to liberals as well on issues such as “gender equality” and the “homosexual agenda.”


    mmm, ear plugs alone will not block out 90% science, more like 8-9% TOPS, aviation ear muffs, used in combination will block 25% GUARANTEED! Having faith in a book written about a man curing blindness, turning water to wine (they were all drunks) blocks the rest. Seriously, how did this get out of control? I believe there could of been a dude named Jesus Christ, back in the day. And he was like the town hero, that got heroically crucified for doing whatever, but somebody that had no useful skills wrote a book, and everybody liked it. Seriously, what if… Read more »


    WHOA!! Pancakes AND Lumberjacks? WTF do I sign up?

    My ex-GF was a lumberjack.. man was she good with wood… Whew! Sa-wallowed it whole.

    OK.. seriously.. why so much anti-religion stuff here? We get it.. you don’t. Enough already. No one here is asking you to believe… can we get back to lots of naked chicks? Please? Thanks..


    LOL. Homesexual agenda? “Help, the gays are after my ass! Save me!” LMFAO.

    This is a humor site that happens to have many people who enjoy making fun of the people who believe in a book written by people who cleaned their teeth with urine. No, really. Look it up.

    You want naked chicks? Go to the affiliated RandomNude site linked at the bottom of the page.


    paul, where is this Random nude site link?


    For the record.. I know there are weirdos here..

    Uhhmm.. Where’s the link?


    Oopps it’s there. I see it now..


    Sometimes I think about how much better the world would be if the Romans had just chilled out and let Jesus die of old age.