Carlos Mensteala

Carlos Mensteala

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    worst comedian ever.


    Haha, Mensteala, but his old stand ups were funny, the one that had the bit about japan calls the taliban, classic.

    But Mind of mencia sucks.




    Carlos Menstruation.

    This guy sucks…he’s crazy…and he was molested by some guy when he was a kid…



    Sauce or it didn’t happen.

    Hoban Washburne

    Mind of Mencia and The Sarah Silverman Show are two of the worst shows I have ever watched, I just don’t get what the hell Comedy Central is thinking.


    Meh. Was watching some show and he was interviewed (fairly seriously so I assume it was something like dateline) and he took the guy back to his apartments where he grew up and said the neighbor molested them in the room.


    I agree Hoban, the sarah or w/e show looks so stupid.

    Comedy Central has gone down a lot.


    But his stand up is Da Bomb diggity…

    And the Rich Sheik had me rollin..


    Joe Rogan has been telling everybody about this joke stealing wanker but nobody listens. The bastard still has a show for crying out loud.



    Yeah, but you have to realize that situational based jokes are not inherently unique. They are all based on variations of situations that everyone has seen, heard of, or experienced at some point. More than likely, if one comedian has thought of them, so has another somewhere else. Even if they had never heard of each other, comedians who base their work on world events could end up coming up with similar, or even identical lines, because, lets face it, every comedian creates new jokes by mixing up new material with old schtick. They do try to add some personal… Read more »


    FMF, good videos, but kinda hard to make out the first one.

    And phyre, cmon, listen to how carlos acted so immature in the first video, he just kept repeating himself to over talk joe – pretty lame if you ask me.

    Joe > carlos


    Meh, I think they are both equally immature. They both have egos large enough to fill any room that they happen to be in. But that does not negate the fact that Joe is the one aggressively accusing Carlos, and quite a few other comedians, of bit stealing, as if all of his material just appeared out of thin air. Listen to his material. It’s all current events, old gags, battle of the sexes, etc. with a little his own little “macho man” spin added. I don’t see where he has the moral high ground to point fingers at anyone… Read more »


    Man newsradio was a really good show