Parmo – Artery clogging goodness

parmo.jpg (54 KB)

Take some chicken or pork – about the right amount to fill the bottom of a 12\” pizza box. Flatten it out and coat it in breadcrumbs.
Now deep fry it.
Cover it in cheese and other toppings of your choice (this one has bolognese)
Serve it on a bed of chips (fries) and with salad
Try not to think about what all that fat is doing to your insides

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    I just ate something really similar to that, except instead of cheese i puy mayo on mine ^_^. and it was baked not fired.

    Alec Dalek

    That looks absolutely disgusting, but probably tastes amazing. Like curry.


    I’ve always loved how things that will clog your arteries faster than a tampon in a gas tank, sometimes come on a bed of LETTUCE… ROFL 😛


    geezous, this fucking image made me hungry at 2:40am! Damn you pritch! Where can one find these?

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