The new KITT

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This is the official new KITT for the new Knight Rider TV series more info can be found here


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    It’s….different. I don’t know if I like it or not, to me KITT will always be a black early 80’s Trans AM.


    Well, not THAT horrible. Also it will transform into other things.


    Is Mr. Feeny still going to be the voice?


    American car industry destroys a pop culture icon.

    That muscular, bulging piece of retro car is not KITT. KITT is sleek, aerodynamic and futuristic. The only thing they have in common is that they corner like a corn dog.


    Pop culture destroys another pop culture icon.


    Wasn’t the knight rider movie (still in production?) using a Koniggseg CCX?

    Alec Dalek



    I think the rumor mill had it that they were gonna use the koenigsegg ccx, but i guess they opted to go for a ‘stang instead. A darn shame. Even the new Camaro or better yet the challenger would have been a better fit for this role…

    Actually, I think the Lamborghini Reventon would have made the perfect uber-KITT… LOL But I don’t think they could have afforded the number of crash horses and replicas they would have needed. LOL

    It’s probably why they went with the ‘Stang. It’s comparatively dirt cheap…


    I loved the original Knight Rider.

    A practical arguement for a different car.

    The Trans Am or “Black T-Top” (as it was referred to in the show) used in the original was a car that was designed to run up to 300 MPH (not the engine, but the shape of the body). Who would want to drive that Ford over 120 MPH? Even a sleek Mercedes shakes a little at 120. FORGET ABOUT SUPER PURSUIT MODE! How could this be close to a beliveable supercar? I suppose if the new K.I.T.T. obeys the traffic signs and laws, then, it will have no problem. But then, why bother having a supercar if you are going to stick to the traffic laws? This is what the new Knight Rider will be like…

    Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

    Michael: Why, no Officer.

    Officer: Well, it was your illegal use of your “turbo boost” on the road.

    Michael: I was chasing a bad guy. I needed to jump over some cars that were in my way.

    Officer: You are not a Policeman, Mr. Knight! You should have called the police. I will let you off with a warning this time, but no more pressing those “Turbo Boost, Super Pursuit mode, or any other fancy buttons on your dash.

    Michael: Ok. Thank you, Sir.

    See? The new Knight Rider series is doomed. Ford loving buttmunches are ruining my childhood.


    Nice Don. I too think it should be a sleek car, but due to the cost of using several for wrecks etc, they have to go with something cheap, which ruins the whole thing. I for one did not watch the original, so I have no particular attachment to any, but this giant hunk of metal does not inspire the want for high speed pursuit, unless it’s in a straight line.


    LOL! I feel your pain… 🙂

    Just FYI, I’ve run a mustang up to about 150 without any shakes. And it was one of the 99-04s. The 05+ models have stiffer bodies and are even more stable. I actually know people who have run theirs up to 175, but they were heavily modded. The steering gets a little light, but that’s about it.

    But that being said, it still looks like a brick with wheels. The thing is though, that there are precious few vehicles that are aerodynamically designed to do 200mph, much less 300mph. The Bugatti Veyron tops out at a little over 253mph, but isn’t the most aerodynamic looking car of the 200+ club.

    But a sleeker car would definitely be a much more credible choice. In fact a ‘vette might have been a good compromise between cost and looks. The ‘stang is just too far down on the Cheapometer..


    Interesting… I know some cops (hypos) that could not stand their Mustangs because they felt like they were ‘coming off the ground’ when over 120 MPH. But they were driving an older model (mid 90s).

    It would seem, on a road with curves and traffic, you need a sleek front and a low to the ground body to stay grounded and in good control. Because, a Mercedes, Porsche or even a regular truck will do 120 MPH in a straight line without shaking or any problems (yes, I do know from experience). It is when you start maneuvering that you may, have no problems, vibrate, shake, or roll. Most of my fast driving experience comes from the German Autobahn, and a little from the American highways. Which is why I can not understand driving so fast in a aerodynamically challenged vehicle. In Germany I see few wrecks and some sleek cars passing me at about 320 KPH (I don’t like driving more then 240 KPH). In America I see upsidedown SUVs in the median, which never went over 90 MPH… hmmm I may be prejudiced… Meh, enough of my silly babbling.

    Yeah, for sure the cost was the factor in going with the Mustang. Not to mention that this could be a MAJOR boon for ford. In the time of the Hoff, people used to mod their cars to look like K.I.T.T. If the show takes off, I expect nothing less today. I’m sure Ford offered a VERY good deal for the use of the Mustang.

    We are all agreed then. K.I.T.T. must be a sleek car. **sends NBC a link to this page as proof of a needed change to K.I.T.T.**


    No, I wouldn’t recommend doing 120 in one of the old fox bodied stangs unless it was *highly* modified. I had one of those and it had serious shakes at anything over 100. The newer ones are much, much better.

    And indeed, I’m sure Ford is banking on making a killing with K.I.T.T. exposure. But a lot of folks I know, even from mustang clubs I am a member of, don’t think it was a particularly good choice for the role…

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