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Amero Coins

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    Alec Dalek

    If the americans think at some point they’ll just be able to walk into Canada and take over, let me remind them how much worse our IEDs would be. We actually know how to solder and have a post-grade 2 education. The US military RETARDS can’t even take control of one third world country like Iraq!!!


    North American Union.

    NOT going to happen.


    I can’t believe that it’s mainly Canadians that supoort NAU. I can believe that it’s the fucking Frasier institute though. Trying to make an EU for North America is fucking retarded. Not only is the US not interested whatsoever, but there’d be no kind of balance whatsoever: Canada has 33 million people, Mexico has about 100 million, the US has fucking 300 million. Europe, on the other hand, has sever large countries of about the same size with generally similar economies, and a bunch of itsy-bitsy economic powerhouses. What kind of fucking Uncle Tom Canadian actually thinks that’s going to… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I support it.

    I support it because it won’t work. And that’s awesome.

    Population density aside Canada gets the screwjob in every other amalgamation effort. NAFTA has been nothing but take take take from Mexico and the US and Canada has gotten fucked.

    Unionize the whole continent. Then invade Africa. Or maybe nuke China for being such smarmy pricks just because they finally have a taste of civilization.


    Thankfully that union would be illegal… until they erase that part of the constitution too. At any rate, the money would probably look more like this anyway.

    Alec Dalek

    Sorry if I offended anyone with my earlier comment. I like americas (there’s several in my family). But the US does tend to run out of good soldiers rather quickly these days and then have to send their ‘D’ students and losers “over there”.

    But then I’m sure the war in Iraq is going exactly has Bush Incorporated had hoped. Higher oil prices, and fewer welfare cases.



    Well no, it’s not going quite like they wanted, they expected to sell of the countries assets to the highest bidder and remake Iraq into a Shangri La for big business.
    However, the folks there didn’t quite cotton to the idea, and now everyone is screwed. Especially since the main benifitiaries of higher oil prices are terrorist supporting nations.
    (Although the privately owned security forces are doing well, they would have done well either way)

    Alec Dalek

    Well by hook or by crook, Number 6 is right!


    This is one of those myths that won’t die, kind of like the “China owns all our government’s debt” myth. People need to stop spreading these lies and do just a *hint* of actual research.

    Alec Dalek

    Actually the bit about China is true. But it scares the hell out of most americans, so it’s kind of scoffed at.


    See? This is what I’m talking about. I hate to call you out Alec, but do you know anything about the U.S. national debt? Breakdown from April 10th, 2007 (last data I currently have on hand): National Debt — $8708 Billion Proportions – U.S. Government a.k.a. “Intragovernmental Debt”: $3794 Billion (This is money the government ‘borrows’ from Social Security, etc.) Publicly Held, USA: $2674 Billion Publicly Held, Foreigners: $2240 Billion Of that… Publicly Held, Japan: $649 Billion Publicly Held, China: $354 Billion So unless in 7 months the Chinese public has acquired so much public debt as to overcome even… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Paul is sober.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    So by those numbers, China holds about 7% of publicly held debt (that’s close to estimates that I’ve read elsewhere). That’s not a majority, but it is a non-trivial fraction. The government can print as much money as it wants. Concepts like debt and taxes are just instruments that control how much that money is worth. Read a book on macroeconomics for the details, but the short story is that 7% is enough to fuck with the US economy if China wanted to. Fortunately, China benefits from the US have a decent economy, so there is not much reason for… Read more »


    Modern economics is a joke, and it’s on all of us.


    Guess how much of the US Debt is traded on the bond market in a given week?

    That’s right – more than all of China’s holdings. Wow. For a whole week there will be twice as much trading. And guess what? Other people will buy the debt. It’s not like China can come to the US and say, “Hand over the $$$.” That’s not how it works. Result? China gives up on a good investment and loses money.

    I can see how people see that as a win for them.


    And yes, the Amero is a myth.


    Alec, please shut up. You’re a fucking idiot. Please, dont talk. Especially about the U.S. Military. There are more Bachelor degree holding NCO’s in the U.S. army than any other army in the world. China, now that is an Army of people without a total education.

    Sure, there are soldiers in the Army w/out a G.E.D, but from the logic of some of your arguments, I’m sure that my soldiers are not only better educated, but also more skilled in every aspect of life than you.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re the fucking idiot dude.

    You just threw a girly little fit and based your argument on your limited personal experience.

    I bet your soldiers only seem smart to you because you such a fucking retard.

    You want to argue the education level of soldiers? Why? You’re the shit that’s flung at the wall with hopes some will stick. What should be argued is the intelligence of the people flinging you.

    Cause you’re just shit.


    it is a historically proven fact that the longer a war occurs the smarter the more intelligent the soldier base becomes its simple natural selection learn or dont.


    Why would Canadians want to join currencies with the US? I mean, the US dollar is going down faster than a drunken prom date!


    Sorry if I offended anyone with my earlier comment. I like drunken prom dates (there’s several in my family). But drunken prom dates do tend to go down rather easily these days.

    Alec Dalek

    If the US Military aren’t a bunch of fucking retards, why is it they can’t take over a single buttfuck third world country? They even had to call in Canada to bail them out of Afghanistan because they’d spread themselves way to thin.

    It seems the only time the US has even won a war is with outside help. And the only time Canada and the US fought head to head, one of our young girls kicked your ass, and then we burned your capitol.



    The reason we havent taken over control of Iraq, is the the troops are held to rules of engagement. Where as the miltia’s/insurgents there are no rules. It’s not like WWII were the US could start at one corner of the country and just start leveling its way through to the other end. News and media make it hard for the troops to do a single thing with it out being put under a microscope or scrutinized. That and I believe bigger government actually keeps just enough control so the can just keep dumping money into war, so companies like… Read more »


    And that’s exactly why wars are a waste of time these days. If I were in charge I would flatten whatever country I was invading. Screw appearance, it’s just an illusion. Soldiers aren’t supposed to be friendly or nice they’re supposed to kick ass and blow shit up, not dance around in front of the camera. It’s god damned war, people will die, that’s just how it works. If your enemy is still kicking around you didn’t get the job done. When you’re done there shouldn’t be so much as an out-house left standing.

    tiki god

    I’ll have to say that every single person that I’ve ever personally known that was in the military were some of the most intelligent people that I’ve met. The problem with America’s military isn’t that it’s made up of idiots, that’s simply not true. It’s made up by some incredibly smart people who asked to be able to protect their country. They’re just being led by a group of collective cluster fucks that have no clue what they’re doing. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m speaking of the American Government.

    tiki god


    The americans called in the canadians, and then promptly bombed them.


    Alec Dalek

    You’re right tiki. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the soldiers are just following the orders of their incompetent civilian superiors, and stuck with the equipment and situations they’re given.


    Canadians will NEVER go for this…Period.


    Hal Turner is an idiot if he thinks these are real….


    Instead of arguing about how it wouldn’t happen, look at it from another angle. Ask yourself: What would it take for this to happen? Not just in the sense of American imperialism, but economically and politically and socially. What conditions would it take for the NAU to come into existence?