Hitler 360 Achievement


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    that’s kind of wrong


    Yeah, but what’s the reward for that many kills?


    His reward is that he gets to rub his gamerscore in Stalin’s face.


    Pff, Kim Jong Ill scored more on the later levels.


    It’s only like, 50 GamerScore. It’s not hard to do.


    6 million … rubbing it on Stalin’s face?

    Why? Stalin killed way more.


    It’s not that I beat the jews, it’s that I can tell everyone in the world I did it


    6,000,000 was not the number of people Hitler killed, despite that it’s what everyone associates with him. Roughly 6,000,000 Jews were killed By the NAZIs, and while not 100% of the more than 50,000,000 deaths of WWII can be accredited to him or his orders, virtually all of them died fighting for or against him. Stalin ordered the deaths of more than 6,000,000, but can’t even approach the monstrosities of WWII.

    tl;dr, Screw that, der Fuhrer got up to the 50,000,000 kills achievement.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Actually it was 6 million in the death camps which were in fact about 1/8 Jews. They were for all intellectually feeble peoples with the intent of breeding out genetic weaknesses. Retards. Homosexuals. And yes, Jews.

    The actual number of people Hitler killed was 0. He gave the orders not pulled the trigger.

    27 million Russians died during WWII.

    I don’t know where you pulled 50 million from.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Hitler did kill one person directly.
    Maybe two, depending on how willing Eva was.


    5’d for Hitler. We could all learn a lot from him.


    Freakin’ Hitler nutriders…


    Hitler is god.


    should we have a shit fight about how the rest of the world is only making hitler look bad in this thread, too?


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:

    Nowhere does Grumbles say 50,000,000 RUSSIANs were killed in WWII…


    should we have a shit fight about how the rest of the world is only making hitler look bad in this thread, too?

    I respect any heroin addict that only wants to secure the future of the white race.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I meant 50 mill total. Sorry for the confusion. And I hope we’re all clear that the man actually killed a bazillion Jewish babies (especially cute ones too) because he was pure evil and he did it all for the nookie. All the while the Allied forces were like “hey, can’t we settle this whole thing with a game a Uno and a nice pot of Earl Grey?”. But Hitler wouldn’t listen. Because he started a war single handed and for no reason. As long as we believe that then the whole world will be a flower garden in perennial… Read more »


    I was totally expecting to see someone in here going:
    “Holocaust is a lie. Hitler didn’t kill anyone. Jews never die. I’m a poopy poopymouth. Blah blah blah.”

    I’m glad we’re more intelligent than that.


    : his reward is in a ditch, covered in petrol, on fire


    Magnus, you’re a fucking retard.


    Magnus has issues.

    But then again, who doesn’t?

    Dead people I guess.

    Like Hitler.