Nerdy Love Letter

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Dear Jessica,
You’ve asked me to stop writing these letters. You’ve told me they will never change things between us. But I can’t, Jessica. I can’t just… let you go. Even Darth Vader, an evil Sith lord couldn’t leave his son to die at the end of Return of the Jedi. You make me feel so safe, Jessica. So warm. Like Luke Skywalker crawled inside his tauntaun to protect himslef from the sub-zero temperatures of Hoth, where the Rebel Alliance was hiding from the Galactic Empire.

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    Technically, Han Solo shoved Luke in the Tauntaun, but hey, what do I know? Kid = fail.


    One solution for that kid.

    Kill yourself.


    David Fairbanks?

    Sorry, private joke.


    I am offended by his assertion that Darth Vader was evil. Perhaps you could state one unarguably evil act he preformed?

    Oh, and has an add to schulzbrianr; it was not his Tauntuan, it was Han Solo’s.

    And rather then “hiding” he could have said: plotting terrorist attacks.


    Star Wars Kid: Episode VII
    Return of Ghyslian Raza


    Heh, GrandAdmiralThrawn is funny. First, who here was dumb enough to get killed by his Noghri bodyguard?

    Let’s see; Vader took Mace’s hand, killed all the little Jedi younglings, locked himself in a room with his daughter and a creepy syringe thing, and vandalized the inner workings of Cloud City.


    Now how can a woman say no to that?


    Right on, natakamus.

    Killing the younglings was definitely evil.

    Also, how about allowing the destruction of the entire planet of Alderaan?

    I have stated before that your username is misleading, GrandAdmiralThrawn:


    The force is strong in this one


    Say whatever you have to say to get that pussy, then break that bitch’s heart.
    She’ll never fuck with a jedi again.


    Not touching the fact that half of your accusations are from one of the three most horrible moves ever.

    Let’s see; Anakin Skywalker (not Darth Vader) took Mace’s hand

    He did so because Mace was going to murder Supreme Chancellor Palpatine; rather then arresting him and moving through proper channels. His actions may have been acceptable for early generations of Jedi; but at the end of the Old Republic, the Jedi were not above the law, and they were not the law, only a part of it. Jedi Skywalker acted as any well conditioned Jedi would have. Perhaps they’re indoctrination should not have been so effective.

    Killed all the little Jedi younglings

    Mace would have done the same to Dark Jedi. Indeed the Jedi and hunted the entire Sith race to extinction. It is a war, and like it or not the “younglings” were soldiers. They were armed with the weapon of a Jedi. Anakin did not make them a military target; the Jedi did.

    locked himself in a room with his daughter and a creepy syringe thing

    She was a terrorist who has access to information which could have saved millions, if not billions of Imperial citizen’s lives. Citing this as “evil” on Darth Vader’s part is just silly.

    and vandalized the inner workings of Cloud City. I must has missed the spray paint.
    He what?
    He placed a city which was on a planet what was a member of the Galactic Empire under temporary military control, well working with the local government despite his known past history of criminal activity, not limited to the Murder of Imperial Navel Pilots, smuggling, funding and association with terrorists; and lets not forget selling Tibanna gas through illegal channels. It might be noted that a battle of major importance was fought there without any civilian causalities.

    planet of Alderaan?
    1. He did not order it; nor did he out rank Grand Moff Tarken. There was nothing he could have done; except perhaps be more persuasive with Princess Leia. Had he convinced her to reviled the true location (Hoth) soon enough, Alderaan would not have already been chosen by Grand Moff Tarken targeted.

    More over, if she; the entire Royal Family, and the ruling government of Alderaan had not been terrorists, they would not have been killed. We should remember, that the people are responsible for their government.


    Freakin’ Imperial Nutriders…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I missed out on this joke.

    I thought I was to laugh because this loser knew so much about Star Wars and how he related everything in life to it.

    Apparently the joke is he doesn’t know enough about Star Wars?

    Stop confusing me you fucking nerds.

    despite rumors

    Oh. Wow.


    I think that for someone who wants to relate his relationship to a girl (!) to STAR WARS, he’d at least get his facts right. I saw the movies, possibly the third one in the new trilogy, I’m not sure. I keep blocking out Jar Jar and other nonsense, so I’m not quite sure, I read a lot of the books, and did the RPG. I knew quite a bit, have probably forgotten quite a bit, and have given up on being a fan of Star Wars, other than Boba Fett, and Han Solo as far as liking the characters.


    Somewhere there was a Jedi saying, “All Get along why can’t we.”


    schulzbrianr: the RPG was rather good, still like it better then plain D&D, to bad no one around here has an interest.

    The Star Wars CCG was very good as well, much better then most other CCGs of the time.

    And I totally understand what you mean about having forgotten so much, at some point I made the mistake of learning stuff, and valuable Information left my brain


    – I guess I was mistaken about your knowledge, please excuse me. Your arguments are well worded and thoughtful.

    Which side is good or evil is a point of view. I prefer to think of the Jedi and Rebels as fighting for good against a corrupt and manipulative Emperor/Sith Lord.

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