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    So very true.

    reboot: That is because “Neo-cons are not Republicans. Republicans are the middle (see moderate) of the spectrum, what you like to call “Neo-Cons” are the right.

    Also; since Republicans are free thinking; it makes it hard to map/diagram their brains.

    tiki god

    Republicans as free thinkers? I shall die laughing. Normal republicans are conservatives, which by the very definition do not want things to change, but to remain the same. Republicans are as far form the center as Democrats are, which isn’t very close. The Neo Cons are just batshit crazy fucks who’ve gone off the edge on the right.


    As one might expect, everyone believes they’re in the ‘middle’, that is, a moderate. From the most far-out right-wing neocon to the most rarified, liberal progressive, each of us believe we are ‘normal’.

    Most folks tend to cluster with other folks who think in similar ways to themselves. That reinforces the notion that they themselves are in the ‘center’ and it’s the people who disagree with them that are the ‘extremists’.

    I know all this, because, of course, I am a moderate. 8)


    So, hypothetically speaking, what would happen, were I to admit that I am NOT a moderate…?


    Phyreblade: I expect you’d see a swarm of black helicopters appear immediately on the horizon, streaking towards you. Unfortunately, after swallowing an indeterminant number of little orange pills forced down your throat by the men in the black suits, you won’t remember anything about the experience except how very ‘normal’ you feel.

    So – want to admit anything? 8)


    The “Ban Guns Lobe” is missing…


    I think my favorite part is the “generous spending of other people’s money” gland. Has anyone seen the deficit recently? Oh, wait, we had a surplus under Clinton?

    With that, I humbly bow out of this thread.


    Paul, we have not had a surplus in my life time, or yours, or anyone else alive. That is the fact.

    Myself, I am on the right, more so then most republicans. I like to think of myself as a Libertarian, although to be honest, I am more of an Imperialist in the model of Lord Winston Spencer Churchill.

    There was a man that should have been an American. Far to good to be British….


    : Wait, What? No, not really, just askin’ a hypothetical ques ahhjkh jkh6+

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    It’s ok for Republicans to waste billions in Iraq, but its not ok for the Democrats to try to pay those bills? Your credit card companies must love you.

    “It’s not the Republicans fault that the Neo-Conservatives (who don’t really give a rat’s ass about taxes) invaded the Bush adiminstration.”
    LOL, wut? Bush IS a neo-con.

    “spewing your mediocre incessant political soundbites on this board.”
    You’re the one who keeps posting the political crap. The picture’s nothing more than Limbaugh B-material.


    pfft, the Appendix has lots of uses. Try wiki sometime.


    Looks fine to me. I mean, liberals are irrational pussies, just as conservatives are irrational bullies, but it looks rather accurate.

    tiki god

    “A tax reform is a code word for major tax increases across all the board and a much larger government.”

    I find your ideas interesting and of value to me. Do you have a newsletter that I may subscribe to?


    Ron Paul will eliminate the IRS (and replace it with nothing) and give all us little citizens the biggest tax break/reform evr.

    but he’ll get shot first

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