Sliders high res

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    Cool pic, we gave my youngest the middle name of Quinn from this show and and his first name Jarod from the show “ThePretender” Jarod Quinn H****


    I always thought this show was interesting, but it sometimes got a little to soapy for my tastes…


    I don’t think I ever saw this show end. They were fighting those weird ape people and I remember I was pissed at the random change of Quinn’s actor (Maybe I miss the episode where they explained it), bu that was about where I left off. What happened?


    The fangirl portion of my brain just s’ploded.

    Sliders spoiler ahead.

    Ok, to explain the Quinn/Mallory bit I’ll provide you with this helpful link.

    And it ended with Rembrandt sliding to what was supposed to be his home earth, but we couldn’t be sure, with a virus that would kill the Kromaggs but didn’t hurt humans in his blood. But we’re never sure if it works because the show was cancelled.


    cool pic, but wrong cast. you need one with prof. arturo and the cute girl with the pixie cut. wade? was that it?


    This show went from ZERO to GAY so fast it wasn’t even funny. Then they put the fat kid from Stand By Me’s even uglier halfwit brother on that even gayer “the Bachelor” show. Oh, well at least Kari Wuhrer was in it. She’s most hotness and has done all kinds of nekkidness in movies and soft core pron.