Death Metal Hate

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Even if you hate everything…
No one hates hula-hoops

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    This… Is freaking awesome.


    It’d be better if he was all bloody or something


    Anyone who knows anything knows slipknot arent death metal.

    They are nu metal bollocks, seriously.

    The picture actually annoys me because that’s your stereotypical poser goth. I bet he loves linkin park and papa roach.

    He pretends to mope about all day and complain about how he hates his parents and his life.

    This picture is slightly funny, slightly “It reminds me there are still people out they like ihm, who should go die”.

    tiki god

    slipknot as nu metal?



    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “poser goth”?
    As opposed to what? authentic Visigoths and Ostragoths?
    “He pretends to mope about all day and complain about how he hates his parents and his life.”
    The only thing you can say for certain is that he likes to hula-hoop at Walmart, which seems ok to me.

    Luke Magnifico

    This guys, this guy right here, is better than all the real fake Goths that exist.


    Slipknot is definitely NOT death metal.


    Slipknot is fail metal.

    This guy’s pants. I hate those fucking pants. Fucking pants. Pants!


    Talk about intimidating dentistry


    I don’t care what is other’s favorite music, but if somebody dresses like this is just stupid.


    I have to agree with you hepathos. I’m actually a really big metal-head but you would never guess it because of the way I dress


    I’m with roamingidiot. His head would look really cool, if it were on a pike… 😛


    so i guess the joker was here too


    i bet tourette’s guy would hate hula hoops


    2 things….

    1. Slipknot sucks. Period. Whos gives a damn what kind of metal it is.

    2. This guy needs a bullet right between his mascara covered white contact wearing eyes, and would be happy to put it there.