Xythos – Worlds Smallest Revolver

muzzle_xythos_chrom_vergol_spitzer.JPG (19 KB)

Found Here: inventorspot.com/wacky_7
Manufacturer here: www.smallflare.com/
Pic from here (in German): www.muzzle.de/N4/Schreckschuss/Xythos-Revolver/xythos-revolver.html

I’m all about miniaturization, but there has to got be a limit. I don’t think I’d be able to find this, let alone load and fire it, in an emergency…

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    These normal sized guns have obviously been shopped in next to that giant pencil sharpener.


    My Uncle has one of these. I believe he picked it up in Germany. I’ve only seen it fired once, but it was very loud and managed to penetrate several layers of newspaper.


    fucking retarded. That has to be the most non-lethal round ever to be fired. 2fuckingmm. And I thought the 9mil was a travesty.


    If you click on the link it says these fire blanks or flares….not live rounds.