Council On Foreign Relations Members

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Ha, those chumps might be members of CFR, but I only wish they were following CFR agenda. If you’re not familiar, Foreign Affairs, the publication of CFR, is one of the most intelligent, scholarly magazines around.

    Rage 0

    You know who’s not there? That’s right, Ron Paul. Planned on voting for him anyway.


    ^Clearly a ron paul advert.
    RP is a wannabe anarchist who will fail. think Ross Perot fail. he is crazy and will only win a small sliver of the votes.

    purple banana

    How the hell is Ron Paul an anarchist? Simply because he’s for LESS (read: not absence of) government, suddenly he’s an anarchist? He’s a Constitutionalist Libertarian running under the Republican party.

    He’s a retired OB-GYN, and extremely anti-abortion, but he wants to make states allow their stances on abortion/gay rights.

    And he’s pro-medical marijuana as well, which is a GREAT surprise to medical users such as myself (I have multiple sclerosis).

    beep beep

    Actually, the first person I saw not on this list was Kucinich.

    Not that I care.


    “I voted for Kratos” (alien whips Homer in the back) “D’oh!”


    Libertarianism is not too far off from Anarchism to some extent (and I’m an anarchist (goldman/krepotkin) so I’m not name calling).

    as far as ron paul only getting a few votes — “I’d rather vote for what I want and not get it than vote for what I don’t want and get it!” – E.V. Debs

    so yeah. I’m voting Kucinich because of his economic policies.


    Anyone ever notice how got Olivia Munn is?


    hot, i meant hot


    Is he being a “constitutionalist libertarian” when he talks about religion?

    I’ll tell you what else he is. When he’s talking about the gold standard he is a complete idiot.


    Gaexion has a point, why aren’t we talking about olivia munn and other such possible hotties? idk about you guys but i dont think i’d rather see any of the folks in the picture nude. now if this were a kari byron thread…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    , do you have a better idea than the gold standard?
    Because what backs our currency right, now? The full faith and credit of the United States? I don’t think so. The Federal Reserve loans money to its member banks. Those member banks loan that money to customers and the those loans are secured by the value of the items purchases, usually real estate. So what’s ultimately backing the value of our currency? A bunch of condos in Vegas. How well will they hold value? Does that seem like a better idea than gold?


    You know who, most importantly, is not on the list?


    Woooooo! Kucinich is great in ’08!


    this ad is stupid. seriously effing stupid.




    You think Ron Paul has no chance? Check this site out:


    look at the numbers.


    oh, i mean the real numbers btw…


    @The Matrix: Rebooted It would help if there was enough gold on the planet to back our currency, much less the rest of the world. In the end, some shiny rocks backing some processed wood does not impress me. The value of the shiny rocks is purely based on how nicely it shines, which is entirely subjective. Just like the processed wood’s value is subjective. (There are far more shiny rocks than are required for the few uses they’re actually good for AND are worth the money.) What you are suggesting is replacing one value system based on illusion of… Read more »


    Wow – Ron Paul is way ahead. I guess this means you’d be willing to give me odds and put some money on it?



    It was “I voted for Kodos”.
    Kodos is Kang’s sister.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @vggramul, all of the problems that you brought up about the gold standard also apply to fiat currencies. based on illusion of worth? check. subject to fluctuations? check. vulnerable to other countries shenanigans? check The one difference is “commodities-based currencies restrain growth”. Which is just another way of saying that government can print as much fiat currency as they want, but are limited to how much commodity currency that they can print. Many people would consider this to be a good property of currency, but that’s getting into territory of Say’s Law vs. Keynesian economics. My point is that you… Read more »