Trouble Brewing

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    T G Geko

    That seems perfectly logical.


    wow…this is the best piece of newspaper, ever.
    gotta make that into a sig or something


    Bwahahaha, thats fuckin classic, gotta send this to a few mates 😀


    i think i liked it better when tiki was the only one posting.

    is anyone here NOT a misogynistic homophobe?

    T G Geko

    Silverflux, calm down. Its just for fun. Im sure that non of us acutally think that about women (out loud).


    LOL, having been arbitrarily lumped into the misogynistic homophobe demographic, I’ll ask you this: Are you seriously trying to tell us that you wouldn’t even crack a grin if a similar post was made at the expense of our stupidity, stubbornness, etc?


    boys, relax. i’m not just talking about this post. and i don’t have a problem with poking fun at women; i know we’re nuts. the issue i have is that since tiki fixed the submit thinger, there have been quite a lot of posts like this one. and the comments have been seriously insulting to women and/or lesbians.

    it’s just an observation, y’know?


    lrn2senseofhumor. or is it only acceptable to make fun of all stereotypes aside from the one(s) that include(s) you?


    I understand what you are saying. There have been some rather colorful comments in the past that made jest of a wide variety of demographic stereotypes.

    There were comments that I could have felt insulted about, if I felt so inclined, but what would be the point. My irritation would only fuel further comments. I chose to extract whatever comedic value there is from the comment (including the inherently rich comedy of people who make ignorant, flawed and/or flat out dumb statements) and laugh my guts out…

    Life is much more fun that way. Trust me…


    – actually, i have a fabulous sense of humor. and i loved this site until very recently. it’s just that tiki seems like an extremely nice guy and i’m curious as to how all you fuckholes got in.

    – i’m not actually irritated. i’m far too old and far too familiar with assclowns to ever be irritated by anything anyone says on the internet. my point was that the site seems suddenly jammed up with a whole lot of retards and i asked if anyone besides tiki could honestly say they weren’t a misogynistic homophobe.

    so far, my count is 3; you, tiki and myself.


    I’m honored to have made your (rather short) list, though I am unsure I actually deserve it 😛

    I guess I need to step down of my milk crate now huh… 🙂

    despite rumors

    “i’m curious as to how all you fuckholes got in.”

    The bouncer must be on vacation?


    the mouth-shitters discovered intarnets a while ago. it was just a matter of time.


    So I’m a misogynistic homophobe until proven otherwise…

    Oh well, so much for defending women’s rights on learning how to fucking cook. They can study and be slaves at the same time.


    Anybody played the “hows my parking” game?

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