Tom Cruise Giving A Speech


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    “…and that’s why you should all follow the completely rational and totally not cult-like Scientologists; you don’t know the history of religion, but I do.


    Hello. I am sad to say, that Xenu has landed.

    This is not good.
    Not good at all.

    Also there is evidence that Xenu is in possession of weapons of mass destruction. This is unacceptable.

    We must take up arms, and use our e-meters to locate Xenu and destroy his WMD’s.

    Once Xenu is gone, your Thetan will be free!


    For some reason, every time I look at this pic, I keep imagining that he’s Christian Bale’s character, from American Psycho, lecturing a packed Scientology auditorium on the best ways to kill a prostitute…


    And I say to you, those who attain Thetan level ten, will be able to shoot lasers from their eyes.


    And let’s not forget the lightning bolts from the fingers either…


    I believe this picture was made for Radar Magazine a few months back.


    You guys do realize that,the reason people(rich people)join scientology is because they dotn wanna pay taxes.

    It’s all about money, the people on the bottom are just morons the level 6 n up or whatever are fuckign rich off the morons and already make millions from their “careers” they just use the church to launder money.

    Do you really think there’d be so much drama over a new cult(religion)no its all abotu the money.They need the idiots at level 1-3 to believe its a real church to keep their pyramid scheme going.

    Follow the money.

    If churches werent tax exempt do you really think anyone would bother wasting their time and money on a religion based on fuckign volcanoes?

    I guess in general Im opposed to scientology, but it serves as a healthy reminder to what all religions are at theyre core:utter fuckign rediculous.(not bashign god just religiona nd if you think the two go hand in hand-please-eat a dick)

    Christianity:Immaculate conception…yeah right.
    Islam:Invisible prophet,nuff said.
    Budhism:Meditate->Do nothing->????->Nirvana.
    Jews:40 years.40 years?!40 FUCKIGN YEARS!?!

    Not so bad when you put it in perspective.


    so why the cross?

    what’s the connection?

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