It Prints Money


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    Lol at the pic but DS is still fail.


    Despite the fact that it sells more each week than the PS3 and the Xbox360 combined?


    why exactly is the Ds fail?




    Around here, everyone who has a DS acts like it’s some sort of God and then all they do is play Pokemon on it. And we’re talking like… ages 16-20… which to me is sad…

    Thus it fails.


    so because your friends are losers an entire handheld console fails?

    i think your logic fails.


    Actually they’re the people at my job not friends. My logic is my own.


    The DS is by far the greatest console on the market today.

    I suppose your point still stands, though.


    My name is Neek, and I am a 25 year old Pokemaniac. I love my DS and have been addicted to Nintendo and related products for 20 years….


    Hey, Iddq/Diabeetus: Why the fuck is everything you post is either some ancient, tired, overdone meme, or some antedeluvian image that’s been posted to every site a billion times or something copied and pasted directly from ED? You do realize that the newfags just sort of casually blend into the *chans due to forced anonymity and all, right? Which does not exist here?

    newai, just wondering how long it’ll be before you storm off back to Gaia a second time in indignation?


    Lol Caio, funny that you post this now as i was just mentioning in the irc room that diabeetus = iqqd.

    He thinks because he goes to *chan he is awesome. but when he first started talking in the irc and said he was a /b/tard i asked him how long he’d been going and he was like “3 weeks”, so like 7 weeks total, versus 4 years of it existing. He’s still a newfag but he doesn’t realise it.

    He’s still in the stage where he thinks copypasta = orginal content.
    And if he’s posting “original content” he must be hilarious in real life.

    Just like quoting makes you just as funny as qhat you just quoted, right? Wrong. idqdq go die, fag.

    Love, Kero.

    P.s. i really hate that fagmonster.


    DS still Phails. And the money is still a a lie…


    Meh, The DS has no uses. The majority of the games seem to be either crappy ports of Japanese cookie cutter RPG’s, Crappy scaled down versions of console games, or those ridiculous “Test yur brain” games.

    The DS Fails because the 360 has Mass Effect.

    Alec Dalek

    Some of us went out and dated and got married and have regular sex and a life. Everyone else was too busy playing Nintendo.


    Please. We all know full well that your marriage proposal went something like this:

    “Would you play Nintendo with me…?”

    Quit front’n… 😛


    You see, the fantastic thing about this website and its horribly retarded people posting so many rediculous comments about nonsense is that IT PRINTS MONEY!!!!

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