Portals Tatoo

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    Getting a video game meme permanently imprinted onto ones body has got to be one of the smartest ideas I have seen in a long time. I still love my Tetris block tattooed onto my abs.


    for some reason the lyrics,

    “Now he’s getting a tattoo.
    Yeah he’s gettin’ ink done.
    He asked for a ’13’, but they drew a ’31’.
    Friends say he’s trying too hard
    And he’s not quite hip.
    But in his own mind
    He’s the, he’s the dopest trip.”

    come to mind…


    seriously that game was too short to void a tat…

    but then again that one asian dude beat mario bros in like 9 mins….


    It’s PORTAL, dudes!
    Some things never fade. He’ll always have a companion now…and a cake. Happy forever!

    Luke Magnifico

    Looks more like biro to me.

    Fail fake tattoo is fail.


    I still don’t see why the cake had to be a lie. I love chocolate cake. That just makes me sad.


    the cake WASN’T a lie!!!


    AHA! I knew it!! 🙂 Thank you Kero, for making my Thanksgiving. 😀


    sorry phyreblade, the cake is a lie.

    when you finally see it, you’ll shit brix.

    the cake is a delicious lie. you must eat it.


    Yes, I already shat teh brax… I figured it out… The cake was an honest to goodness, moist and delicious lie, covered with sweet chocolate icing… It had to be eaten…

    BTW Nice necro…


    not fake

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