Yes Really, You Ignorant Slacker


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    Heh I like the caption but I think the Bald Eagle is over used. Why not a falcon, or a hawk…


    Yeah, a Hawk would definitely be cool…


    I think it’s supposed to signify American arrogance.


    Ah. Of course. Hence my inability to get the joke…

    It all makes perfect sense now…

    Ignore me. I’m just a dumb ‘mercan… LOLOL


    I like the one that said “yes really, now use some fucking vowels”


    After having had a few american co-employees here in china I can’t imagine an american ever calling someone lazy or a slacker.

    I never thought I would see someone show up every day late and leave every day early without finish their work and take time off every week till they were told to not take time off and then stop showing up and then acting outraged till they were fired but America!!!!

    I had a new yorker co-employee take more time off in three months (before getting fired and acting outraged) than I have taken off in my entire life.


    And mind you this is a third world country. I most of the foreign employees here get payed more than my boss’s boss. The Chinese staff frequently turns in seven days a week twelve hours a day for about 1000 kuai a month or so. This guy couldn’t do less than forty hours for over 10,000 kuai, in his field of expertise, and he acted like a victim when he was fired.

    Fucking how does your country even operate?

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