Internet City

Internet.png (220 KB)

Can’t remember where I acquired this, might be from MCS, was just sitting on the desktop so I decided to upload it before I moved it.

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    Where the fuck is The Pirate Bay?


    silly diabeetus, its underground.


    lol actually its a torrent site


    Google it, you say?!?! What do you think I am? Some sort of champaign-swilling, homosexual, west-coast liberal?!?!?! As a patriotic white American, I am not only entitled to openly display my ignorance, but to be as loud about it as possible! Do you realize that in communist Sweeden and Iran, over 60% of the internet-using population Googles before asking for information? Causality doesn’t lie, you terrist commies!!!!

    I will Google the Pirate bay FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!

    T G Geko

    Um, something is wrong. Wheres 4chan? and for that matter, Wheres MCS? Its Madness!


    Hmm, weird. I can’t find MSN, since all of the other shitty pages are there.

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but walking towards the bottom-right, am I really spotting one half of The Beetles?

    (below the subway entrance, to the right of the metallic Domo-Kun)


    Newfags like T G Gekco need to seriously burn in hell for not following Rules #1 and #2.


    Where is the PORN?!

    What kind of internet representation is this?

    – It’s “Beatles”.


    No Fark? No, the “Park” sign doesn’t count. Fark is too popular for the creator of this pic to not have heard of. Is this even the entire picture?


    Y’all should have paid moar attention in intarweb Geography 101. 4chan is in a megacomplex about 5 miles down the road. All the Pron is in the redlight district (whenever have you seen the redlight district illustrated on any map huh?) with Fark in the warehouse next door. MCS is in a business complex about a mile north, and TPB is on an island waaaay out at sea. It’s not even on this continent ppl. Sheesh. Why do I have to explain everything?


    4chan is the group of afroed guys crowded around the pool out of frame.