Don’t ditch work for Halloween if your friends have facebook accounts


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Make sure your friends aren’t posting to Facebook or MySpace if you ditch work to go to a Halloween party!

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    Aren’t banks usually open during daytime hours?

    Aren’t Halloween parties usually during the night?


    pwnd by a “social” website.

    Quick Game: What can be more humulliating?


    Dreth I just clicked on your link and you look like you belong on Metalocalypse!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    He’s not fucked.

    If his boss was added to his facebook account under the guise of a non professional relationship he can argue that the evidence against him was obtained illegally. There’s more than enough precedent to cite for that. If they fire him as a result he can sue if they don’t provide an alternative case for either proving he lied or for dismissal.

    But he’s an intern anyway. If he’s lucky he gets 8 bucks an hour. If he’s usual then he’s volunteer which doesn’t make it actual work so who cares?

    Or he could just argue that his family has really fucked up traditions when it comes to dealing with tragedies.

    If I were him I’d shop a pic of whoever ratted on him doing something obscene with one or more cocks and send that email onto the whole office.

    Nothing is worse than a rat. Not even a fairy.


    Jobs are easy to come by.

    Trying to convince everybody that you’re straight, after they see this picture, is a lot harder to do.




    Okay i’m going to say it because no one else has.

    i rate this image a 5, it’s “~Faaaabuloussss!”


    Thanks, I find that flattering and amusing. But I haven’t killed enough people. =(


    Kero ftw!


    Thats pretty bad but last week I was at work and a girl called out sick. Twenty minutes after her shift was supposed to start, I might add. So around 11:00 she starts calling one of the other managers to ask her to pick her up from TJ at 1:00AM. Pretty sure she doesn’t work there anymore. I don’t know what the fuck she was thinking…

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