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    Technically it’s a beam.

    A post goes in the ground and makes a fence.

    And it’s not supporting it, it’s only holding it in place.

    This is fail. Well, to me anyway.


    God damnit casemods, stop it. This is like reliving the whole “Santa isn’t real”.

    … although with me it was “Baby Jesus doesn’t really steal toys from the stores”. Actually I’m glad that happened, but casemods is being plain mean.


    Actually it is a post, situated vertically in a flush mount bracket. Posts exist beyond the realm of fences. Beams are oriented horizontally and generally their depth is greater than width not square, such as this post.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    morbo WINS. casemods FAILS.


    @ Reboot,

    Somehow … I’m not too shocked of who on the shit end of the stick.


    Based on technical merit,
    Morbo: Win.
    Case: I’m not even going there…


    1: It’s just sitting on the ground, nothing is connected, other then what appears to be nails, even though they are the exact same color of the bracket.

    2: you can’t see the other dimensions of the beam/post.


    Case d00d, buddy, Why do you do this to yourself? Looky:

    Beam: A horizontal framing member designed to carry a load from a set of joists or a roof and spanning an open space.

    Post:A vertical framing member usually designed to carry a beam.

    Now allow me to spell out what this means:
    Y O U P H A I L…

    But remember. There is no dishonor in phailing. Just phailing to try. But you would phail less hard if you did a little research first. Just some friendly advice from your friendly neighborhood Phyreblade… 😛