Double Tap Ammunition


what exactly is this shit?

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    It is a 45 ACP hollow point nicknamed “the flying ashtray.” It discourages rapists, Jehova’s Witlesses and lying politicians.


    When you really want to reach out and hit someone, and only the best will do…


    Also, a little background info on where they got the name. 😛 :

    General X

    Unless I am much mistaken, which is a distinct possibility, these are illegal. Or that could be dum-dum bullets which are the only bullets able to pierce a tie off an apc. Imagine what they could to to a person in armor.


    General X: Expanding bullets are illegal for military use under international conventions. Personal use is not only legal but recommended for dself defense. I carry Federal Hydrashok in .40 S&W in my carry pistol.


    No, I don’t think these are illegal. They are hot loads, but not considered “cop killers”. If memory serves I think it’s the the teflon coated, steel core variety that is illegal.

    Not there aren’t any non steel core, teflon coated rounds that could easily penetrate body armor. I always wonder what kind of idiots come up with these laws…

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