Hillary Two-Face

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We’re going to have to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.

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    What has she done that is crazy? When has she been bitchy? And for that matter, whether you like her policy positions or not, she seems to have been quite consistent, so why two-faced?


    So the white-haired side is the good one, right?




    BTW – your website is a tad, um, obsessive, diabeetus. Topics you posted include:

    Why All Porn Is Gay
    Sexism Is Heterosexuality
    A Young Feminist’s Lament
    Relearning Heterosexual Love
    Heterosexual Society Is Under Siege
    Feminism Killed Courtship On Campus
    Feminism Deprives Girls Of Father’s Love



    Even though our current administration is taking away our civil rights, accountability of government, and even habeas corpus… apparently we shouldn’t vote for Hillary because Republicans are scaring us into believing that she’ll do what they’re currently doing?

    And when has she ever been crazy, or a bitch?

    Some of you need to get over your fear of women.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Hillary Clinton will do NOTHING to improve the state of affairs regarding civil right and accountability of government. She voted for the Patriot Act, she voted for the war in Iraq.
    Her husband’s administration was not a beacon of freedom either. I, personally, think that Waco and Ruby Ridge were worse violations of civil rights than Gitmo.
    It has nothing do with fear of women and everything to do with fear of THAT woman.


    The left side of that woman scares me…


    So what exactly does this nonsensical attempt at Repiglican fearmongering actually have to do with Clinton? Love or hate her, she’s not even half as fascist as ANY current repiglican. The next time you see her call for torture, secret prisons, destruction of public education, or starting a war to enrich her arms dealer and oil industry buddies, you be sure to let me know, o.k? The only message I get from this picture is that guys with half-inch peckers hate and fear women so much that they will gladly side with mass murderers and war criminals rather than elect… Read more »


    As a non-american, I’m going to admit that although I once lived in the polution-chocked hole of homelessness, crack and trailerparks that you euphemistically call a country, I have not quite been able to grasp all the subtleties of your political system. To me, it seems like you dig up whatever old-money “my family hasn’t worked in x generations”-types you can find, give them the candidacy, and make your decisions based on who can madly flail their arms and scream theologically and scripturally shallow mockeries of what you people wrongly understand to be christianity the loudest. But apparently, I wasn’t… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “We’re going to have to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” is quoting a speech Hillary Clinton gave at a fundraiser. I don’t see why people use that particular quote to attack her, but it is factual.
    Comparing political figures to fictional characters is legitimate way to critique politics. Sure, DC Comics isn’t Tolstoy or Hugo, but its something people relate to. Essentially it’s saying the Clinton is two-faced, which has some validity.


    Reboot: After some extensive googling, I’ve found that quote in context. Apparently she was speaking at a $10,000-donation dinner and announcing that she’d be repealing Bush’s famous economy crippling upper-class tax cuts. I have to say I’m strongly against this. I recently moved to a border town, and now that the famously fisically reponsible conservatives have sent you on the fast track to the third world, I can cross the border and buy everything for dirt fucking cheap. Just last week I drove to Montana and bought a top-of-the-line external hard-drive for fucking pennies. If any of the old-money canditates… Read more »


    Geez Caio, tell us how you really feel…

    “I disagree with Hillary Clinton’s political stance, and it has nothing to do with her being a woman. As for you, Mr. Diabeetus, you, sir, are a barbary ape.”

    There. Shortened it for ya…

    Oh an incidentally, nippletwister, most of us have a 3 inch peckers, not half inchers. Please get it right.