liberty via soldiers



From Snopes 

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    Tell me the last time freedom was achieved without military power, oh wait you can’t. Warrior culture is the only culture that survives. Cool picture anyhow



    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Tell me the last time tyranny was achieved without military power, oh wait you can’t. Military power is a double-edged sword.
    The is also a great deal of evidence that war is a consequence of inefficient economic systems. But that’s the kind of topic that can’t be expressed in patriotic sound bites.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I forgot the counter-examples:
    The USSR fell and reformed into a democratic systems without the use of a military.
    Most of the former British colonies became free countries without military force. But some have had to use force to maintain independence.
    San Marino, the oldest republic in the world, has never had a military.
    Iceland and El Salvador have no military.
    There are probably some other examples.


    USSR fell as a result of America’s military and democratic example.

    San Marino, Iceland, El Salvador, Tibet aren’t strategically important/economically strong enough to invite a dictator. Iceland has some geographical significance, but neither of these are an environment in which a dictator or would thrive.

    You may say weaker countries like Cuba are exceptions, but they come as a result of one overpowering country determining that countries foreign policy.

    Cuba’s government has not been changed by the US because they do not possess a threat.

    I may be wrong on “freedom” requiring military power, but warrior culture thrives and survives.


    btw, Iceland has about 60,000 troops there from other countries(US, England, France).


    Obviously stupidity thrives and survives, too. Doesn’t mean it’s necessary or even desirable. Torture “culture” survives and thrives as well, so what? Female genital mutilation “culture” survives too. All sorts of religious nut “culture” survives, and has longer than any single type of “warrior culture” ever will. You see, stupid, violent people have to form mobs-sometimes to survive, but usually just to feel secure. Wankers who use mass murder as jerk-off material give undue respect to violence as a tool-they expand it to a way of life. The whole idea of warrior culture is damn near an oxymoron in the first place-if all life is reduced to the struggle for survival, you might as well be a dung beetle. Have fun sharpening your knife collection and dreaming of the day you’ll be a warlord.


    My life for Aiur!


    slakinator: Canada gained independence from England without the use of force. In fact, I’m pretty sure India, Australia, and others did too…


    So are you all saying America is a warrior culture? I’d beg to differ.


    Well, they did started to massacre the indians with no real reason just to steal their lands.


    Of course America IS a warrior culture and a terrorist culture. Always has been.

    George Washington attacked the British on Christmas morning for terrorism purposes.

    Sherman burned the south to terrorize people who were not fighting in the American Revolution.

    The Native Americans around Florida were rounded up and force marched much like the Nazi’s did with their German based concentration camps in WWII.

    The Native Americans were also given blankets from the sick in one of the first known cases of biological weapons use.

    Americans are still the only country to have used atomic weapons in aggression.

    Hell, you can find examples of Americans doing almost all of the bad shit they accuse the rest of the world of doing. Nuf said.


    I’m just glad that nipple twisting culture doesn’t survive too, sick bastard.

    Anyways, how can you be so violently opposed to the basis of society? Unless you prefer not to be a part of society, in which case, GTFO


    I didn’t see a date…what year was this taken?

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