Giant Supersoaker Collection


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    I have that one at the far right of the picture in the middle, the red one with the yellow bit sticking out of the top.

    It sucks. 🙁


    WOW That’s enough firepower there to arm an entire platoon of sea monkeys…


    Which ones are best for making flamethrowers out of?


    I ror’d at casemods.

    And because that guy loox azn.

    And because demeaning other races is an endless comedy goldmine that makes me feel better about myself.

    And my race.


    My preference would be one with two reservoirs. I used to have the orange one to the right of the middle with the two reservoirs, that Rocked!! That one let you change between 3 different the stream sizes.

    I’d use that for flamethrower duty if I ever decided to use one for that. But there may be better ones. I’ve only tried maybe like 4 out of the gazillion here. The back pack types might be even better…


    “NEEEERD!” -Orge, Revenge of the Nerds

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    hey casemods, don’t listen to garbledxmission, making a flamethrower out of a supersoaker is the best idea evr. You totally should do it, right way. Doesn’t matter which supersoaker you use, just fill it up with gas and duct tape a barbecue lighter to the front.



    You are eeeevil…

    Here let me help:


    I feel sorry for your mother reboot.

    Anyways, it’s already been done…

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