Pokémon #007

One of three Pokémon offered by Professor Oak at the beginning of the game. Squirtle start out cute and cuddly but soon evolve into formidable fighters: first Wartortle, then Blastoise. Note: in the game’s early stages, Squirtle tend to fare better against combatants than Charmander.

Type: Water
Height: 0.5 m.
Weight: 9 kg.

EVOLUTION: Squirtle – Wartortle – Blastoise

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    I still say this is the best game ever.


    Blastoise was my favorite pokemon ever.

    tiki god

    True Story :
    I’ve never even seen the game carts for this series, much less played it.

    I would like to one day though, but now I just can’t find the motivation.


    It’s not worth it. Good idea for a game but the hello kitty visuals and lack of gameplay ruin it.


    I have a shit load of pokemon cards.

    I remember my mom taking them away, and I cried when I found them in her closet, lol.

    I used to trade stuff for them all the time.

    Never played the game though…none of us did…

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